Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Zhang, Hong Wei Yang, Sheng Feng Wang

Abstract: The evaluation of system efficiency for the special task or reasonableness of the business flow are usually required in the maintenance...

Authors: Gang Zhao, Chao Shan

Abstract: Arc welding technology is an important part of modern welding technology, and providing the energy of arc welding power source is welding...

Authors: Ji Dong Wang, Xiao Jing Zhang, Xu Hao Du

Abstract: Smart Grid is one of the hot research directions of power system. How to interconnect the new energy power generation with power system...

Authors: Guo Hong Li, Cong Zhang, Jing Tian

Abstract: The paper designs a system of CAN intelligent control node which uses MCF52234 as microprocessor, focusing on describing how to implement...

Authors: Yi Peng Lan, Hong Xuan Lan, Hui Zhao

Abstract: Nonlinear robust controllers were proposed for permanent magnet linear servo system. In order to reach accurate track of the motor speed and...

Authors: Jian Zong, Yi Ruan, Zhong Kui Li, Li Bo Xu, Bin Ying Ye

Abstract: The paper presents a dual closed-loop vector control system based on dsPIC30F6010A for asynchronous motor which is a multi-variables,...

Authors: Yu Wang, Zhi Quan Deng, Xiao Lin Wang

Abstract: Fault tolerant flux-switching permanent magnet (FTFSPM) machine is a novel fault tolerant machine having magnet in the stator, which not...

Authors: Yu Wang, Zhi Quan Deng, Xiao Lin Wang

Abstract: A three phase, electrical excitation flux-switching (EEFS) brushless ac machine is proposed, its electromagnetic performance, viz., the...

Authors: Hong Pu Liu, Hong Ying Wang

Abstract: Carried on finite element analysis using the UG software to finally carry on the fatigue life’s computational method to carry on the...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Hai Quan Jiang

Abstract: This paper firstly analyzed the theory of the MW wind turbine generator pitch control, and then based on the analysis, designed a servo...


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