Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Bing Xin, Qiang Huang

Abstract: Robot interaction involves in the robot sociality, on the basis of bionics, robotic technologies, psychology, network and system science...

Authors: Cheng Jun Zhu, Qi Shu Qin, Peng Er Bao

Abstract: CNC machine, especially CNC milling machine, is the main production equipment in the industries of machinery, iron and steel, automobile...

Authors: Wen Gang Chen, Xiao Jie Song, Wei Liu

Abstract: An underground mining personnel locating system which takes nRF24L01 to establish data base-station for communication was demonstrated in...

Authors: Guang Yue Du, Shou Yin Lu, Hua Kai Zhang

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the mechanical structure and parameters of Chinese massage robot, establishes coordinate system for the whole...

Authors: Yu Fei Wang, Jian Jun Yin, Shan Feng Chen

Abstract: Motoman SV3X manipulator was used to pick fruit and chosen as research object. Under the instance of known space coordinates of fruit and...

Authors: Zhe Xu, Min Xiang Wei, Yang Wang, Jian Wei Wei

Abstract: Vehicle running at high speed if affected by crosswind or steering handling may spin or drift out since the yaw moment produced is not big...

Authors: Wei Qin, Yong Tao Li, Ying Jie Li, Xiao Ping Xu

Abstract: In the previous literature about RF generator, Efficiency of output of RF generator can reach 60-70 percent. In this paper, a new 500W RF...

Authors: Xiao Wang, Ru Jian Ma, En Ping Zhang

Abstract: A design scheme is proposed in this paper for heat metering remote transmission system based on the Xbee Pro module. Wireless network...

Authors: De Xin Gao, Rui Wei

Abstract: This paper considers the optimal rejection with Zero Steady-State Error for nonlinear systems with step and ramp composite disturbances....

Authors: Wei Wang, Yong Ming Xia

Abstract: A novel moving-magnet linear motor was introduced which can produce high-frequency short stroke reciprocating motion, and it’s suitable to...


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