Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wan Qing Teng, Zheng Yi Ren, Zhi Qiu Wang, Bin Lv

Abstract: A new method for estimating the moment of inertia of engine generator set was proposed in this paper, which was defined as Governor...

Authors: Shi Sheng Zhang, Zhe Liu, Zhao Xiang Zeng

Abstract: Quenching is the technology that a metal work piece heated to propriety temperature for a while is being put into quenching medium suddenly....

Authors: Yue Ling Gu, Guo Hui Xu, Zuo Gang Guo, Shu Rong Wang

Abstract: Solid acid catalyst has high catalytic esterification activity but with a free acid excess problem. In this paper, washing pretreatments...

Authors: Dao Li Zhao, Wu Ke Liang, Hai Peng Nan, Wei Ma, Jin Bo Li, Tao Tao Li

Abstract: Aimed at the self-excited vibration of caused by unreasonable clearance in wearing ring of the Francis turbine, whole flow passage of...

Authors: Jian Song

Abstract: In order to meet the requirements of agricultural production automation, a PC-based opening navigation system for agricultural machinery is...

Authors: Li Xin Wei, Jin Chun Zhao

Abstract: The inner parameters and outside load of operating-side and driving-side subsystems of rolling mill are different. This difference can lead...

Authors: Xiao Ming Liu, Wan Chun Chen, Xing Liang Yin, Xiao Lan Xing

Abstract: In this paper we propose a control scheme of electromechanical actuator with optical encoder feedback. Controlled object is the simplified...

Authors: Guo Fang Lai, Yan Fei Ji, Zhi Peng Gu, Gang Liu

Abstract: With the rapid growth of the national economy, the demand for electricity is increasing rapidly. In order to ensure electric power system...

Authors: Xiao Jie Song, Wei Liu, Bo Xue Tan, Wen Gang Chen

Abstract: Fuel supply advanced angle is one of effective parameters in monitoring the state or diagnosing the fault of diesel engine. So it is...

Authors: Zeng Ping Zhang, Shu Hua Li

Abstract: To the video that contains the target, a method is proposed to create the background model based on the mixed Gauss. And the target locating...


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