Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Wu

Abstract: In order to satisfy the needs of Mars precision landing, a Mars entry navigation method is proposed for the problem of Mars atmospheric...

Authors: Jian Hao Zhou, Yin Nan Yuan, Kai Wu, Jia Yi Du

Abstract: The fuel-film evaporation model and transient fuel-film compensator model were established. By virtue of Simulink, the validity of above...

Authors: Tao Ping Yan

Abstract: 3201Z-type dump truck is modification desiged by EQ3208GJ dump truck chassis which the technical performance parameters are known, and using...

Authors: Rong Wu, Wen Xiang Lin, Wen Tang

Abstract: Magnetorheological (MR) Fluid is an intellectual material with comprehensive prospect. In recent years, it is widely attended in the...

Authors: Wen Gang Chen, Xiao Jie Song, Wei Liu

Abstract: Aiming to solve the problems of inaccuracy in temperature control and the slow reaction in condensing system in the automated distillation...

Authors: Xiao Dong Hu, Quan Shuai Gong, Li Xiao Gong, Jian Tao Lv

Abstract: According to the phenomena of regular grooves on the face of seal gasket which causes the hundreds of gaskets irrational failure in the...

Authors: Jian Gang Yi, Xin Cai, Jin Cai Xu, Hong Xuan Li, Shuang Xi Dai

Abstract: Considering the various factors which influenced the safety of hoist system, and the general objective which was the failure probability of...

Authors: Wei Liu, Shi Long Xue

Abstract: Ship loader is one of the most key equipments for bulk material handing in bulk port. This paper regards the ship loader as the study...

Authors: Shu Zhong Song, Jing Zhuo Shi

Abstract: Rotor position detection is important for motor servo system design. In general, there are two kinds of methods to obtain the position...

Authors: Zong Yun Zhang, Shi Zhong Liu, Feng Qing Zhang, Chun Hua Yu

Abstract: In this paper, we show how a MAT (Mesh-of-Appendixed-Trees) embedded into the crossed cube which is a variant of hypercube. When we seek to...


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