Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Chen, Chao Xu, Ying Wang, Li Jun Mi, Xing Cai Shi

Abstract: In order to improve the technical economy of direct air-cooled system, based on the thermodynamic model of the air-cooled system, taking the...

Authors: Zuo Yu Sun, Xiang Rong Li, Liang Ping Guo, Xue Yan Zhang

Abstract: For the growing importance of future emission restrictions and the expanding requirement for a better fuel economy, the internal combustion...

Authors: Yong Shang, Fu Shui Liu, Xiang Rong Li, Jing Wu

Abstract: One method of parametric design on combustion chamber is used in this paper. Several independent geometrical parameters of ω type and double...

Authors: Wu Zhu, Xiang Cun Tu, Chang Chun Qu

Abstract: To test the Electric equipment’s immunity to voltage disturbances, a special power quality disturbances generator was needed. According to...

Authors: Xiao Kun Du

Abstract: This paper, through the analysis of the limitation of the ultrasonic sensor in the underground drilling robot which obstacle avoidance, puts...

Authors: Mao Han Liu, Chun Tao Li, Yi Wang

Abstract: Landing is the most important stage of the Flight of UAV, the study of automatic landing of UAVs has important engineering significance. In...

Authors: Yun Bin Ma, Yong Jun Cai, Dong Jie Tan, Zhi Xin Hu

Abstract: As Oil & Gas Pipeline of Long Distance has potential mechanical risks caused by geologic hazards, based on sensing technique, Fiber...

Authors: Shu Zhi Gao, Jing Yang, Jun Fan

Abstract: Distillation temperature control system is characteristics of nonlinear time-varying and we use dynamic fuzzy neural network to model the...

Authors: Hao Wang, Ding Guo Shao, Lu Xu

Abstract: Lithium battery has been employed widely in many industrial applications. Parameter mismatches between lithium batteries along a series...

Authors: Li Qian, Shan Shu Zhang, Feng Xiao Hao

Abstract: The remoter of welding machine transfers control signals by technology: FSK in electric power and MCU, it overcomes the shortcomings of wire...


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