Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Cong Lv, Wen Feng Li

Abstract: In this paper, we implement a real-time detection and automatic control design for AC-DC-AC converter based on XC878M microcontroller unit...

Authors: Jing Chen, Can Hui Cai

Abstract: In this paper, an error concealment algorithm for lost macroblock (MB), named motion consistence and textural coherence based error...

Authors: Truong Minh Dat, Yu Feng Neil Nieh, Min Fan Ricky Lee, Wijayanti Nurul Khotimah, Luu Quoc Dat

Abstract: An intelligent behavior control system for an autonomous mobile robot operating in an unstructured environment with sensor uncertainties is...

Authors: Kuei Ying Chang, Huai Jen Hsu, Pendry Alexandra, Min Fan Ricky Lee

Abstract: A lot of studies have been conducted and published on how to control the wheeled mobile robot to reach the desired target smoothly and many...

Authors: Hui Min Zhang, Hai Yan Wang, Jing Zhuo Shi, Xun Liu

Abstract: It is very hard for the traveling wave ultrasonic motor to start directly with high speed, because of their special running mechanism and...

Authors: Yi Yong Luo, Li Ting Zhang, Hao Zhang

Abstract: Considering the increasingly tense relationship between construction land supply and demand, we study the inherent rules and the spatial...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Si

Abstract: Based on the development status of hybrid electric vehicle(HEV) at home and abroad, combining the features of urban traffic and urban bus...

Authors: Chen Feng, Chen Zhang, Jian Cang Xie, Ni Wang

Abstract: For achieving the management and monitoring platform of dynamic water rights based on grid technology, According to the theories of water...

Authors: Dao Jing Wang, Hong Guang Zhang, Xiao Na Sun, Dao Jing Wang

Abstract: Time-resolved current and voltage measurements for an inductive automotive spark system were made. The measurements were made in air for a...

Authors: Xiao Ping Zhang, Xiao Xia Yang

Abstract: In the garment manufacturing, the application of intelligent technology on one hand can get judgments and conclusions in the process on the...


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