Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Li, Ding Feng, Jia Wei Wang, De Li Gao

Abstract: H2S existed in some oil-gas field, resulting in many drill pipe hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking accident...

Authors: Chun Fang Liu, Qing Guang Chi, Li Mei Wang, Qing Ding Guo

Abstract: At the moving crossbeam levitation system of the gantry NC machine tool, backstepping adaptive mode control was proposed to achieve the high...

Authors: Shu Lin Wang, Wei Zhan Zhang, Gang Liu, Bo Zhou

Abstract: Based on finite element analysis, the static transmitted torque of Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder is validated. When Hydraulic Expansion...

Authors: Yan Jun Lu, Ying Liu

Abstract: Rotating machinery becomes more and more large and complex, increasingly high degree of automation. Rotating machinery fault could easily...

Authors: Kang Bi Luo, Ping Ning, Hu Ping Li, Juen Chen

Abstract: The possibility of decomposition of cefotaxime sodium wastewater by ultrasonic Fenton method was discussed in this paper. The influence of...

Authors: Xiao Hong Yang, Yong Lun Song, Guo Wei Ran, Tian Jiao Xiao

Abstract: Finite element simulation is utilized in an aluminum alloy 2014 butt weld with the three kinds of welding processes, namely the filler wire...

Authors: Xue Yan Zhang, Wen Ming Zhang

Abstract: The paper is concerned with the vibration for the articulated dump truck (ADT) which is multi-axle vehicle and different from rigid dump...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Tai Ning Yan, Li Zhen Zhou, Chuan De An

Abstract: For rocks complexity, geologic drilling is a high cost project, and it is high risk. Drill monitor is an important tool in monitoring...

Authors: Gui Hong Feng, Shuang Li, Min Zhao, Bing Yi Zhang

Abstract: Squirrel-cage rotor line-start permanent magnet synchronous motor can not meet the heavy lifting, frequent starting conditions for the...

Authors: Guang Guo Zhang, Jing Sheng, Feng Wang

Abstract: In the traditional design of round broach ,the impact tools of broach maybe unable to achieve the requirements for the processing precision,...


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