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Authors: Jie Zhu, Xin Cai, Pan Pan, Rong Rong Gu
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Structural analysis of wind turbine blade is a necessary part in the process of blade design. Based on the ANSYS software, the stress and...
Authors: An Du, Yan Huo, Jie Hu
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Through the orthogonal experiment, research on the process parameters of the qualiity coating with the new auxiliary ,such as different...
Authors: Shi Jie Li, Jie Hu, Xiao Ming Cao
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Porous ceramic layer was deposited on pure titanium substrate by micro-arc oxidation(MAO). XRD and SEM were employed to characterize the...
Authors: Chang Yuan Wang, Fu Shui Liu, Xiang Rong Li
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:A series of experimental research results on the characteristic of diesel elastic-plate impingement spray using High Speed Photography camera...
Authors: Guo He Li, Bing Yan, Yu Jun Cai
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Orthogonal cutting experiments of hardness AISI1045 steel( HRC45) are performed. The change of chip formation and cutting force with cutting...
Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Ping Tan, Sui Chun Qu
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:The transverse flux switched reluctance motor (TFSRM) has the advantage of switched reluctance motors and transverse flux motor. This paper...
Authors: Wei Wang, Yan Tao Dou, Hong Xing Wei, Hui Ming Heng, Yu Zhen
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:The detection of welding defects type of the specimen made of WELDOX960 steel based on acoustic emission (AE) technology has been...
Authors: Wei Xiu Shi, Wei Yi Li, Li Sheng Pan, Zhi Hua Zhou
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Under the situation of energy crisis, air source heat pumps are paid more attention recently. In terms of energy saving, the feasibility and...
Authors: Zhi Wei Shi, Bo Zhang, Xian Ming Sun
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:An expansion of the incident Gaussian beam in terms of the cylindrical vector wave functions natural to an infinite cylinder of arbitrary...
Authors: Bo Xiong Shen, Ting Liu, Ning Zhao, Juan Ma, Xiao Cui Hao
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:The catalyst of MnOx-CeOx/ACF prepared by impregnation method was used for low-temperature selective catalytic...
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