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Authors: Hui Juan Liu, Long Ya Xu
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:The performance of a doubly excited brushless machine (DEBM) with radially laminated magnetic barrier rotor (RLMB-rotor) is investigated by...
Authors: Yong Qing Wang, Na Chong, Li Mei Dong, Yu Jun Tang, Hai Jun Song
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Electronic excitation temperature is an important indicator of the spectrometer excitation source. This work experimented self-made micro-ICP...
Authors: Wen Hui Tan, Lei Zhang, Dan Qing Gao, Ya Liang Li
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:How the mechanical parameters of rock change with the development of joints and fractures is still a puzzle. It is hard to measure rock...
Authors: Wei Li Li, Zhi Peng Li, Ting Ting Chen
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) used for driving hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) have the characteristics of high power density, high...
Authors: Li Ling Sun, Kai Bin Chen
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Induction motor is widely applied to people's lives and production. This paper presents the simple and sophisticated of some methods which...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Su Ling Li, Guang Fei Liu
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:This paper introduces working process of the once forming leaf-spring rolling mill, and specific to the problems that the two vertical...
Authors: Chun Lai Tian, Hui Hua Feng, Zheng Xing Zuo
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:An oscillation model of a single free piston engine generator which is coupled with a linear generator is presented in this paper. Based on...
Authors: Bin Wang, Ren Guang Wang, Qun Ying Cai, Han Wen Sun
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:The factors affecting regenerative braking performance of brushless DC motor(BLDCM) were analyzed by means of bench test and road test .the...
Authors: Zhong Lan Tian, Heng Lin Yang, Xiang Zhen Yan, Zhi Qian Xu
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Depending on the mechanical characteristics of casing located at the bending part of sidetrack horizontal well, the calculation model of...
Authors: Xiang Rong Sun, Hong Liang Ma, Xiao Hua Du
Chapter 7: Machining
Abstract:Adopting a new kind of transducer technology vibration cable technology, can round-guard in large region without bodyguard whole day, and...
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