Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Chang Wang, Guo Fen Li

Abstract: Focusing on the severity of asphalt pavement surface crack, a finite element analysis model of 20-node isoparametric elements was...

Authors: Jin Gang Wang, Zhi Cheng Cui, Li Zhong Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the quality of semi-trailer tanker design, shorter the development cycle, lower cost, and combine with structural...

Authors: Ming Feng, Wei Xing, Jun Wei Lian, Guang Rong Yan

Abstract: The Variable Torque Slipping Clutch with Skewed Rollers is a new type of power transmission component, which combines both clutch and...

Authors: Dao Fei Zhu, Hua Wang, Shi Bo Wang, Jian Xin Xu

Abstract: Based on the just in time idea, a production planning model is established in the steel-making and continuous casting. In the model, with...

Authors: Zhi Qian Xu, Xiang Zhen Yan, Fan Bu

Abstract: In this paper, a creep test was carried out for simulating the creeping of the core of the mudstone under condition of deep formation...

Authors: Shan Pei Wei, Li Qiang Shen, Hai Jiang He

Abstract: The integration credibility model of the component is constructed by inspecting the sub-attributes of the component and calculated by...

Authors: Yue Dong Chen, Zhen Hua Xia

Abstract: The levels of continuous casting process of copper and copper alloy billet have many advantages, such as taking small footprint, low...

Authors: Zhe Wang, Si Fa Xu, Guo Cai Wang, Yong Zhang

Abstract: The analytical solution of a single pipe piles under axially and laterally loads is presented, when the laterally loads is optional free...

Authors: Zeng Feng Zhang, Jing Pei Li

Abstract: A three-dimensional nonlinear elastic-plastic finite element method had been developed to study the bending behavior of piles subjected to...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zuo

Abstract: This paper discusses the feasibility of vacuum casting of micro-gears by using silicone mould of micro-gears which was designed and...


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