Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.B. Zhu, P.M. Wang, G. T. Yan, C.S. Wang, Y.S. Cheng, L.M. Wu

Abstract: The bulk mass concrete pier is esay to crack because of higher temperature contrast between inner and outer of concrete. Experimentation use...

Authors: Jian Xun Zhang, Xu Guang Wang, Shao Wen Chen

Abstract: Based on the limit analysis equilibrium theory for the soft soil foundation under rock filling load, a new blasting technique is developed...

Authors: Ali Asghar Niakan, M.H. Idris, Ali Ourdjini, Majid Karimian

Abstract: Lost Foam Casting, pressurized casting, solidification, mechanical properties. Abstract. The paper presents the result of investigation on...

Authors: Bong Hwan Kim, Sangh Wan Lee, Sang Mok Lee

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the formation behavior of intermetallic phases on casting mold die and its effect on erosion tendency in...

Authors: Faraj Alshmri

Abstract: Rapid solidification processing is a technique used for refining the primary silicon and seems to be the most promising technique for the...

Authors: Shigeo Shirakura, Shukuhei Kojima, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Hidetoshi Kita

Abstract: Zeolite membranes were successfully synthesized from coal fly ash by hydrothermal treatment onto 10-cm-long tubular porous supports. The...

Authors: Nobuyuki Kamei, Hisaki Watari

Abstract: A growing demand for lightweight products has been brought about by the rapid development of new automobiles in order to reduce fuel...

Authors: Mohammad Yeakub Ali, Nur Atiqah Binti Abdul Rahman, Erniyati Binti Mohamad Aris

Abstract: This paper presents effects of silicon carbide (SiC) powder in dielectric fluid of micro EDM on material removal rate (MRR). The aim is to...

Authors: Vijay Kumar Pal, Puneet Tandon

Abstract: This Abrasive Water Jet Machining (AWJM) process is usually used to through cut materials which are difficult to cut by conventional...

Authors: Ei Ei Khine, Yi Du Zhang, Qiong Wu

Abstract: Investigation of the cutting tool failure is one of the important factors in order to optimize the cutting parameters. This paper studies...


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