Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Guo, Xin Min Dong, Long Wang, Hong Bo Li, Yong Chen

Abstract: A relative navigation and control scheme based on multiple camera systems was presented for autonomous operations in close proximity for...

Authors: Fang Zong Wang, Yi Fan He, Jing Ye

Abstract: The symplectic algorithm is a kind of new numerical integration methods. This paper proposes the application of the explicit and symplectic...

Authors: Hong Bing Ye, Xin Chen

Abstract: Redundancy technique is an effective method to improve the ability of mission reliability, safety reliability and fault tolerant. With...

Authors: Jie Dong, Ya Jun Rong

Abstract: On the basis of introducing the causes and hazards of islanding, the paper classifies and generalizes the testing methods used currently...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Sun, Chao Wang

Abstract: This paper first gives out the harmonic coupled equivalent model for the Thyristor Controlled Reactors (TCRs) and the converter. Then, the...

Authors: Yun Ying Qiao, Xiao Song Guo, Zhi Zhu, De Lin Cun

Abstract: To overcome the nonlinear and slow-varying factor in hydraulic system and the uneasy-building model of erection system, the single neuron...

Authors: Jian Sheng Zhang, Xi Zhan

Abstract: MCNP input file has the characteristics of complicated form and is error-prone in describing geometry model. An algorithm of converting UG...

Authors: Zhi Lin Jin, You Qun Zhao, Rui Kang Shi, Li Shu Guo, Zheng Tang Shi

Abstract: Electro Hydraulic Brake (EHB) system plays an important role for improving vehicle active safety. In this paper, the dynamic behavior of EHB...

Authors: Bo Li, Wen Lin Zhu, Hou Xiu Gao, Qi Zhang

Abstract: There are many kind of clamps used in geological exploration, and the hobbyhorse clamp obtains the widespread application because of its...

Authors: Yu Sun, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: Power grid suffers tremendous economic loss in extreme ice disaster weather, suggesting that it lacks immediate precautionary system. On the...


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