Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R. Perera, C. Rosales, M.A. Araque, M.A. Coelho

Abstract: The need for solid-waste management has pushed the development of alternative systems for recycling and revalue used plastic containers....

Authors: Yao Dai, Chang Qing Sun, Sun Qi, Wei Tan

Abstract: Analytical expressions for crack-tip higher order stress functions for a plane crack in a special functionally graded material (FGM), which...

Authors: Yao Dai, Shi Min Li, Wei Tan

Abstract: The high order discontinuous asymptotic fields similar to the Williams’ solutions to crack problems in homogeneous materials are obtained...

Authors: Ajit D. Kelkar, Ram Mohan, Ronnie Bolick, Sachin Shendokar

Abstract: Failure by delamination of composite laminates due to low velocity impact damages is critical because of the subsurface nature of...

Authors: Daniel Lin, Qing Li, Wei Li, Michael V. Swain

Abstract: Currently, titanium dominates the dental implant materials due to its strength and bio-inerrability. The use of titanium implant had...

Authors: Yool Kwon Oh, Young Sun Kim, Hee Sung Yoon

Abstract: This study was numerically and experimentally investigated on improvement capture velocity for increasing inhalation efficiency of hood in...

Authors: Yool Kwon Oh, Je Se Choi

Abstract: This paper investigates on three-dimensional thermal deformation of aluminum casting tire mold applying metal casting method by numerical...

Authors: Hoon Cho, Byoung Soo Lee, Jae Hong Ha, Hyung Ho Jo

Abstract: The anisotropy in mechanical strength and electrical conductivity in Cu-Ag alloy during cold rolling were investigated. The anisotropy in...

Authors: Hoon Cho, Byoung Soo Lee, Bok Hyun Kang, Ki Young Kim

Abstract: To develop Cu alloy with tensile strength of 800 MPa and electrical conductivity of 80 %IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard), the...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Li Ping Zhu, Zhi Zhen Ye, Jing Rui Wang, Ye Feng Yang, Hai Ping He, Bing Hui Zhao

Abstract: ZnO microrods were synthesized on Si (111) sustrate by thermal evaporation at the temperature of 700 °C. Different growth environments...


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