Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials II

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Authors: Ren Guang Wang, Guang Kui Shi, Hong Tao Chen, Lin Tao Zhang, Chao Yu
Abstract: In pure electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle, the adoption of motor barking for energy recycling make its braking control more complicated. Making good use of braking energy can improve vehicle efficiency. A new method was developed to coordinate the motor regenerative braking and ABS braking. Which identify the road condition with real time basing on wheel speed information from four wheel speed sensors. Then control system decides the braking force provided by ABS system. The residual braking force is produced by motor barking to meet total braking force requirements. The two braking forces are coordinated by control system to perform brake function of vehicle.
Authors: Wei Song, Guang Hu
Abstract: The Jacobian inverse(JI) method is a well-known algorithms used for inverse kinematics solutions in motion generation. JI algorithm can be easily implemented, but it can generate singularity problems and it is not straight forward to implement constraints in the JI method. This paper presents a novel gradient projection algorithm that can convert the inverse kinematics problem to a constraint nonlinear programming problem. Meanwhile, by changing the programming time of each frame, local linearization of the nonlinear function and limited interval computing can be achieved simultaneously. Experimental results are presented to show the performance benefits of the proposed algorithm over JI methods.
Authors: Ran Chen, Lin Mi, Wei Tan
Abstract: Hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILS) is a scheme that incorporates some hardware components of primary concern in the numerical simulation environment. This paper discusses the implementation and benefits of using the HIL testing system for electronic control unit of dual-clutch transmission (DCT) vehicle.
Authors: Xian Jun Du, Xiao Hong Hao, Ping Yu
Abstract: A Clonal Selection Algorithm (CSA) was used in this article to the wastewater biological treatment activated sludge process optimization with the lowest operational costs by limiting total substrate discharge mass. A simulation result shows that the method is efficiency, and it also provides a new approach for other optimal control problem.
Authors: Li Li Han, Qing Wei Zhang, Kai Jia
Abstract: In order to solve the problem of high intensity and low efficiency by manual labor during the polishing machining of mold free-form surface, this paper present a method for path generation of robot automatic polishing based on bounding box. Firstly, ascertain the location and direction of the mold by constructing a box that is most close to the mold. Secondly, generate the tool path by introducing the improved direction-parallel machining. Finally, by using Visual C++6.0 development tool, the algorithm discussed above has been implemented and a software for trajectory generation has been developed. The results show that the method can generate the tool path better along the surface contour and is simple, effective. Besides, the software supplies a visible trajectory for robot polishing so that the unreasonable points can be modified before machining.
Authors: Qian Liu, Zhi Gang Deng, Xin Xiong
Abstract: In this paper, a new kind of locking device is introduced. Aiming at the 1# centrifuge of CAEP(China Academy of Engineering Physics), the mechanical design of locking device has been done, and its maximum locking torque is 8000N•M. The simulation model has been established in ANSYS to obtain key parameters of the locking device, such as the thickness of shaft, the distribution of circular groove, the working pressure of oil source and so on. Through the test, the feasibility of the locking device is validated.
Authors: Wu Gang Li, Shu Shi Huang, Tu Gan Lin, Jun Xian Liu
Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of variable temperature infrared samples measurement, this paper proposes a kind of method called air indirect heating variable-temperature method which is to design a close box but there are two holes in and to make sample heated in box through use of air conduction and convection by temperature control circuit. This method can enhance the temperature of the test samples faster and is more effective in eliminating the temperature gradient within the sample, so the efficiency of experimental gets to improve. In another hand, this method is convenient in operation experimental. The paper also proposes a specific implementation technology
Authors: Xue Feng Zhang, Hong Xia Luo
Abstract: The multiplexer act as the inputs of analog signals, enabling multi-channel analog signal acquisition; then filtered through a certain signal processing to ensure the most effective analog signals into the ADC; after conversion, the digital output is saved in the temporary buffer zone of the FPGA. The whole process is controlled by the FPGA. Finally, apply to the DAC-ADC joint debugging, in compare to the results, 14bit precision is guaranteed.
Authors: Mei Yang, Hong Qiang Sun, Jing Hua Cui, Yuan Ping Shi
Abstract: Design a system of PCB engraving machine using MCU. Design in detail mechanical structure and the system scheme of the engraving machine. Write a software which can converse the file of PCB drawing software output to program for SCM and exchange data between PC and SCM. Choose the right step motor and design driven circuit of step motor.

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