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Authors: A. Udomvech, Teerakiat Kerdcharoen

Abstract: In this paper, the straight and T-shape single-walled carbon nanotube intramolecular junction (SWCNT-IMJ) were studied theoretically. The...

Authors: Abolghasem Ataie, R. Nikkhah-Moshaie

Abstract: Barium hexaferrite particles derived from sol-gel combustion method with a mean particle size of 160 nm and Fe particles with a mean...

Authors: Win Bunjongpru, S. Porntheeraphat, N. Somwang, P. Khomdet, C. Hruanun, Amporn Poyai, J. Nukeaw

Abstract: The AlON films grown on Si(100) substrates by using radio frequency (r.f.) magnetron sputtering from high purity aluminum (99.999% Al)...

Authors: S.K. Asl, Sayed Khatiboleslam Sadrnezhaad, M. Keyanpour-Rad

Abstract: The photocatalytic decolorization of aqueous solutions of Direct Red 27 in the presence of various amounts of semiconductor powder...

Authors: S.F. Kashani Bozorg, Maryam Mohri, A. Ebrahimi-Purkani

Abstract: Nb addition was found to be beneficial to the electrode properties of mechanically alloyed Mg2Ni-based product in 6M KOH solution. Formation...

Authors: Rungrot Kitsomboonloha, T. Bera, Joydeep Dutta

Abstract: Here we report the synthesis of nanoparticles with aspect ratios of up to five by synthesis in small concentrated volumes of reactants using...

Authors: S. Baruah, Gamolwan Tumcharern, Joydeep Dutta

Abstract: The synthesis of fluorescent nanocrystals is receiving a lot of attention for potential application in biological labeling as well as...

Authors: P. Inchidjuy, Supakorn Pukird, J. Nukeaw

Abstract: Thin films of Nickel Phthalocyanine (NiPc) are prepared at a base pressure of 10-6 mbar using Organic Evaporator System. The films are...

Authors: Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong, K. Honglertsakul, N. Rujisamphan, Worawan Bhanthumnavin

Abstract: Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films have been deposited on silicon substrates using microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD)...

Authors: Pisutti Dararutana, J. Dutchaneephet, Prukswan Chetanachan, P. Wathanakul, Narin Sirikulrat

Abstract: Red colored gold ruby glass used for decorations in ancient times was actually gold nanotechnology at work by the addition of gold particles...


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