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Authors: Thadsanee Thongkanluang, Pichet Limsuwan, P. Rakkwamsuk

Abstract: This research article reports a development on green pigments having high reflectance of NIR radiation from the sun. The aim of the...

Authors: V. Kosalathip, T. Kumpeerapun, S. Migot, B. Lenoir, A. Dauscher

Abstract: Nanopowders of n-type (Bi0.95Sb0.05)2(Te0.95Se0.05)3 and p-type (Bi0.2Sb0.8)2Te3 have been synthesized by laser fracture of micron-sized...

Authors: T. Kumpeerapun, Hubert Scherrer, V. Kosalathip, I. Sripichai

Abstract: The short-time-consumption melting and hot pressing processes were used to synthesize n-type and p-type Bi-Sb-Te thermoelectric materials....

Authors: N. Punbusayakul, W. Wongklang, K. Wongtida, J. Charoensuk, S. Charojrochkul

Abstract: One of the critical issues in designing a planar solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is the development of materials to hermetically seal the metal...

Authors: D. Kaewket, S. Sanorpim, Sukkaneste Tungasmita, R. Katayama, Kentaro Onabe

Abstract: Highly luminescence lattice-matched InxGa1-xP1-yNy/GaP single quantum wells (SQWs) on GaP (001) substrates were successfully grown by...

Authors: P. Klangtakai, S. Sanorpim, S. Kuboya, R. Katayama, Kentaro Onabe

Abstract: The GaAs1-xNx alloy semiconductor has been grown on GaAs (001), (111)A and (011) substrates by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy. High...

Authors: Soon Chul Ur, Il Ho Kim

Abstract: Te-doped CoSb3 was prepared by the encapsulated induction melting, and its doping effects on the thermoelectric properties were...

Authors: W. Naksata, Manoch Naksata

Abstract: Handmade mulberry paper was coated with flame retardants reagent: ammonium sulphate, at the various concentrations. The properties of...

Authors: N. Thongmee, Anucha Watcharapasorn, Sukanda Jiansirisomboon

Abstract: This study investigated fundamental of phase formation, crystal structure and calcination process for bismuth dysprosium titanate...

Authors: Pasinee Siriprapa, Anucha Watcharapasorn, Sukanda Jiansirisomboon

Abstract: This research studied the effects of sintering temperature and La3+ doping content on phase, microstructure and densification of bismuth...


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