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Authors: Yan Zhao, Xiao Lin Zhang, Jun Wang, Wen Yan Tang
Abstract: The measurement system based on torsion pendulum is presented to measure the moment of inertia considering the effect of air damping. With the introduction of air-hovered turntable, the influence of friction force is reduced. In order to increase the effect of the air damping, damping paddles are used to increase the area of test object. The pendulum motion of test object can be measured by the displacement sensor. The moment of inertia of test objects can be calculated by the damping ratio and oscillation period. The experimental results show that the relative measurement error of the moment of inertia of the test objects is less than 2%.
Authors: Tao Zhang, Shu Ming Ye, Ji Yu Han, Jun Feng Liu
Abstract: As a major indicator in marine life research and geochemistry, the in-situ monitoring of dissolved oxygen has become increasingly important in the assessment of marine ecosystem. It has been proved that fluorescence quenching may result in shorter fluorescence lifetime. Based on it, this paper proposes an in-situ dissolved oxygen monitoring system of high precision and low power consumption applicable to long-term monitoring of complex marine environment. Using phase detecting method, an AC analog amplification channel on Precision photoelectric detection, and used digital phase detection method and three order integral average method to detect the phase offset. The ultralow-power microcontroller was used to control system. The experiments results show that the system has high stability, high precision(0.02mg/L), quick response time(≤40s), low power consumption(peak current ≤10mA), strong anti interference ability.
Authors: Jih Pin Yeh
Abstract: The edge detection is used in many applications in image processing. It is currently crucial technique of image processing. There are various methods for promoting edge detection. Here, it is presented that edge detection can be achieved using Support Vector Machine (SVM). Supervised learning method is applied. Laplacian edge detector is an instructor of Support Vector Machine. In this research, it is presented that any classical method can be applied for training of SVM as edge detector.
Authors: Wei Wei Li
Abstract: This design aims to realize the LCD display and the thermostatic control of the temperature. The design uses the ATmega8 micro-controller as the core part of the temperature monitoring system and the PID control algorithm to produce a PWM wave to drive the photoelectric coupler MOC3061, which can control the SCR on and off and then change the value of average voltage. Through the RS232 bus, it can build an intelligent distributed network of monitoring system. The simulate module by the MATLAB software has been built up to get the parameter tuning of PID and then get the best heating method to control the temperature quickly and accurately. With the compact and flexible structure and the good and reliable function, the design is suitable to the industrial control, environmental monitoring, etc.
Authors: Li Jing Zhang, Wei Xiong, Xue Hui Xian
Abstract: Distributed generation technologies, basically about renewable energy, develop rapidly, and how to implement remote concentrated monitoring, management and scheduling on grid connected generation is the key problem in promoting renewable energy generation. The design of remote monitoring system for renewable energy generation grid connected, based on GPRS-Internet, has the functions of data acquisition, monitoring control, grid interconnection detection control, information management and so on, as well as the integration of meteorological information and geological information, which can better adapt to the features of wide distribution and scattered allocation of renewable energy generation, bringing a more safe and effective monitoring management.
Authors: Xiang Cheng, Tie Lin Zheng, Gui Hong Feng
Abstract: This paper puts forward and realizes a detection method, which can extract harmonic and reactive current accurately when the network exists nonideal and asymmetric power grid voltages. From the view of vector analysis, through the d-q coordinates[1,2] project transformation of the three-phase voltage and current vectors, the harmonic and reactive current extraction is realized. The compensation current adopts forecast current control, obtaining a better compensation characteristic and control accuracy .From the experimental results of 5 kVA active power filter(APF)and 150 kVA mixing filters, the feasibility and the correctness of the proposed method are proved.
Authors: Shu Guang Wang
Abstract: This document explains how to determine the power supply programs of WSN in environmental monitoring. The power consumption of Wireless sensor networks node in environmental monitor is estimated. The characteristics of several battery and super capacitor are analyzed; feasibility of long-term and stable power supply to the node is proofed. Different power supply programs are given according to the requirements of the working time and cost performance. The program which uses solar cells with maximum power point tracking technology, and use super-capacitor to store energy, is probed mainly. The circuit is design .It is tried in field.
Authors: Ying Liang, Qing Yang Xu
Abstract: The suitability evaluation has an important influence on suitable-matching region selection of geomagnetism matching navigation. Geomagnetic anomalies have a fractal characteristic. Fractal dimension can describe the self-similar characteristics and subtle changes of irregular, broken, uneven and infinite detail form of geomagnetic anomalies. A comprehensive evaluation function based on fractal characteristics was established, and the ranks of region suitability were gotten finally.
Authors: Fu Jin Li, Chun Yan An
Abstract: Decay theory based on the ultrasonic echo, with ultrasonic sensors measure the concentration of the slurry through the use of the controller to control the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver circuits, this system will be integrated waveform chip MAX038 generate burst, and then after the power amplifier drive ultrasonic transducer transmits ultrasonic, use of the logarithmic amplifier attenuation of the echo signal through the mud interface to reach the receiving transducer in the ultrasonic detector amplification, concentration data processing obtained by the microcontroller.
Authors: Qi Fang Liu
Abstract: In view of the characteristic of the inefficiency on measuring coaxiality manually in industry, we put forward to studying on a laser triangulation san method[1] for measuring distance to measure coaxiality. It takes relative motion between the measurement thing and displacement laser sensor to implement helical scan motion and gain the data of spiral scanning projection based on step servo system by gyration and the axial feed. This method can improve manufacture efficiency and achieve the demand of online automatic testing. Finally, the way of implementation of this system would be discussed in this paper, meanwhile, it would provide simulation results of the method and actually feasibility analysis .

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