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Authors: Bi Hua Zhu, Ying Li Zhu
Abstract: With the development of agricultural modernization, agricultural environment protection, sensor technology, MEMS, wireless communications, Wireless Sensor Networks have been paid great attention in industry field and our daily life, this paper designs an agricultural environment monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks, and gives the hardware design of sensor nodes and the flowchart of software. In order to meet requirements of agricultural environment monitoring signals, MSP430F149 is chosen as the microprocessor, and CC2420 module acts as the wireless communication module. The system can real-timely monitor agriculture environmental information, such as the temperature, humidity and light intensity.
Authors: Ying Li Zhu, Ling Qing Xie
Abstract: In order to guarantee the safety of the coal production and effectiveness better, this paper designs a monitoring system for coal mine safety based on wireless sensor networks, and gives the hardware design of sensor nodes and the flowchart of software. For the purpose of meeting requirements of monitoring signals, CC2430 is chosen as the microprocessor. The sensor nodes can collect and transport the environment parameters of the mine including temperature, humidity and gas concentrate and so on, and send the data through the GPRS module to the remote monitoring center. The system can improve the level of monitoring production safety and reduce accident in the coal mine.
Authors: Yu Hai Gu, Qiu Shi Han, Xiao Li Xu, Hai Tao Zhang
Abstract: In order to improve accuracy of measuring motor speed in precision motor control systems, a method of precise measurement of speed with CPLD is proposed, which measures the truncated parts of the measured pulse on the basis of measuring raster count pulse within the equal period, and takes them as compensation, thus improving accuracy of measuring the raster pulse. In this paper, a speed measuring formula is given. Measuring system is provided with parallel and serial communication interfaces for output of measurement results.
Authors: Fang Zhang, Min Qiang Li, Jin Huai Liu
Abstract: The occurrence of arsenic in natural water has received significant attention during recent years. The arsenic plays an important role for its behavior and toxicity in the aqueous system. Arsenic is a toxic pollutant in water with serious health effects upon long-term intake of even low concentrations through drinking water consumption population. By means of the energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction (EDXRD) technique, confected different concentrations of sodium arsenate solution and reservoir water of Tuoketuo county in the Inner Mongolia, were analyzed. The result shows that arsenic is present within reservoir water of Tuoketuo county. But, fluorescence peak photons of arsenic in the solution are not in proportion to the concentration. So, it is difficulty to quantitatively decide the concentration of the arsenic in the water.
Authors: Bo Chang, Xin Rong Zhang
Abstract: In order to solve the issues existing in the current warehouse environmental monitoring systems, such as the complex wiring, the node power consumption, not flexible deployment and inconvenience management and so on, a warehouse environment parameters monitoring system based on fuzzy-PID strategy is designed. The system uses CC2430 as the core to develop wireless sensor nodes which completing real-time monitoring of warehouse environment temperature and humidity, uses ZigBee technology to achieve networking of wireless sensors and the automatic aggregation of monitoring data, uses fuzzy PID control technology to achieve the regulation of warehouse temperature and humidity and uses embedded database management model to achieve the sensor nodes management, environmental data management and early warning capabilities. The practical monitoring results have shown that this system has the feature of low power consumption, network flexibility, strong extensibility, friendly interface etc., which can better meet the application demands of warehouse environment parameters monitoring.
Authors: Wei Tao Wang, Hai Ning Zhang, Chao Bo Chen, Bin Li
Abstract: In order to satisfy the need for vehicle dynamic weighing in over-loading detection, the software and hardware of system are designed. The system uses CS5530, which can achieve 24-bit performance, as its AD converter. Apply with the technology of the radio frequency(RF) and embedded operate system, the system can collect, send, display, store and print the information of vehicles in time.
Authors: Hui Xia, Guo Qiang Liu, Su Yun Ji
Abstract: Rehabilitation technical aids have an important role in the functional rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. But now the rehabilitation technical aids for cerebral palsy is lack of pertinence and evaluation. The testing equipment of rehabilitation technical aids for cerebral palsy child can detect the pressure distribution between cerebral palsy patients and rehabilitation props in real time, and provide quantitative basis for clinical effect evaluation and auxiliary tool’s adjustment. This paper design a pressure monitoring system with 16 sensor points for Cerebral Palsy Children, and the monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts: a strain gauge array unit, signal conditioning and acquisition unit, data display and analysis. The research on pressure monitoring system based on the strain chip, is critical to study force between rehabilitation technical aids and cerebral palsy children. In this paper , the works on the detailed description of each unit system, and reasonable verification of the experimental design provide solid foundation for the future studies.
Authors: Zhen Ping Chen, Huai Xia Liu
Abstract: With the development and construction of smart grid, more and more attentions have been paid to the detection of power quality. Study the disadvantages of wired communication network, applied wireless sensor network technology to power quality online monitoring system. Introduced the hardware and software architectures, designed the detection node and gathering node based on CC2430 and LPC2214 respectively, introduced the establishing process and algorithms of WSN based on ZigBee technology. Experimental results show that, the system can remotely monitor power quality of monitoring points on the power grid, can optimize the power grid operation, and provide enterprises with a reliable basis for energy conservation and emissions reduction.
Authors: Yun Shan Hou, Xiang Yi Xu, Ping Yu
Abstract: In the field of array signal processing, the detection of the number of signals and estimation of the direction of arrival (DOA) of signals are two important issues. They are generally solved separately with some algorithms dedicated to detection and other algorithms dedicated to DOA estimation. In this paper, an integrated method called SATDE(Synthetic Aperture Technique based Detection and Estimation) is proposed for multi-target detection and DOA estimation by underwater moving array. The proposed method exploits the synthetic aperture technique to achieve high angular resolution and the energy detection idea embodied in minimum variance distortionless response(MVDR) spectrum function to determinate the number and DOA of signals at the same time. Simulations and experimental studies show that the proposed method yields better detection performance than conventional detection methods such AIC and MDL for closely-spaced coherent signals and produces correct DOA estimations at the same time.
Authors: Pan Xing, Guang Yu Ou, Gao Yi
Abstract: The Design of Low Power Vibration Detection System Based on a three-axis accelerometer MEMS device, which can perform many functions: making long-term monitoring on the shock intensity in both vertical and horizontal directions, recording the shock peak and waveform. The system with STM32 processor, high-precision data acquisition, mass storage, USB and so on. Based on FatFS file system, the system concerned with the bad block management problems in NandFlash will be optimized and thus the reliability of the system will also improve.

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