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Authors: Yu Bin Zhao, Ya Li Li, Jia Cheng Wang, Zhen Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, we study a kind of intelligent and high-accuracy flow measurement system, which is a type of venturi tube flowmeter that surpassed the international standard ISO5167. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the super-size flow measurement in the water transportation and industrial projects, and the choice for suitable flow meters. We study the practical compensation technology for discharging coefficient “C” of the international-standard-exceeding venturi tube, and puts forward water calibration method for venturi tube, and design the intelligent and high-accuracy flow metering system based on computer technology. Furthermore, this paper analyzes the calibration data of water flow, and propose the segment and compensation method for discharging coefficient “C” practically. We solved the limitations of the international-standard-exceeding venturi tubes, and effectively improved the accuracy and range of the flow measurement system.
Authors: Li Yong Wang, Yu Hai Gu, Guo Xin Wu
Abstract: This paper discusses disadvantages of existing diagnosis fault system for reciprocating machinery, and based on structural characteristics and operating principle of the reciprocating machinery, it also presents that a portable fault diagnosis system of reciprocating machinery shall be composed of three parts: sensor, data acquisition device and hand-held terminal, in which the data recorder is mainly prSovided for signal conditioning, A/D for data conversion and transmission, and hand-held terminal for data receiving and processing, fault diagnosis, display and storage. The experiment and tests show that this portable fault diagnosis system is feasible for field online monitoring of status and fault diagnosis for reciprocating machinery.
Authors: Ke Gang Zhu, Zhao Gang Zhang, Bao Quan Liu, Shu Juan Meng, Ren Sheng Wang
Abstract: The paper determines the real-time location of and the real-time reasons for equipment failures on the premise of the integration of equipment, through the online detection and the real-time analysis of the vibration abnormities and faults in the driving side as well as the service side of rack of brush roll in the washing groove that lies in washing section 2# of the galvanization unit in a plant, by employing the HP35670A dynamic signal analyzer.
Authors: Bao Fu Duan, Ying Lei Zhu, Xiang Pu Mao, Bo Liu
Abstract: Fault fracture zone with rich water has some bad geological conditions such as low strength, deformation, strong water permeability, poor water resistance. This paper is based on Yan-jia Tunnel in HuBei-Guzhu Highway. WSS is taken as the advanced support method and has improved the construction condition. the construction method of meshshotcreting firstly is adopted. The result of numerical simulation with ABAQUS is basically consistent with the field measurements, which has significance on the subsequent design and construction of underground projects with similar geological conditions.
Authors: Yao Qiu Li, Rui Wang
Abstract: Radius measurement is based on sublevel concentration sample method for the tegular rounded material, which analyzes its mathematical model and principal, while the measurement error is also discussed. In the measurement, at first, capture image of the material by image capturing card, extract edge of the material with image processing technique, scan out coordinate of the point that is on top of edge. Then choose three points which have a considerable distance in between as sampling ones, find out coordinate of circle center by computer software programming and measure out the exact pixel value of radius. Final pixel value is deal with data calibration, after which actual value of radius of tegular rounded material can therefore be obtained. Through the analysis of measurement result, the maximum deviation is not strayed from the uncertainty and the error is less.
Authors: Yi De Li, Zhan Feng Li, Xi Nan Li
Abstract: It is easier to develop the cycle slip phenomena during the carrier phase observation in GPS. In order to improve the reliability and accuracy of the system measurement, we need to diagnose and find out the position of the cycle slip, and then fix it before the data pretreatment stage which is ahead of the adjustment. Using the double-differenced carrier phase observables can eliminate the correlative error term and improve the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, the essay studies the method of the double-differenced carrier phase cycle slip detection based on the wavelet analysis, and finally test the measured data. The experimental results showed that the detection of cycle slip is very sensitive when we select the suitable wavelet base.
Authors: Xiang Ping Xian, Yan Shuai Wang, Feng Xing, Bi Qin Dong
Abstract: In this paper, the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy method is applied to characteristic the hydration procedure in cement materials. And a new equivalent circuit model is developed to express the hydration procedure of cement material. As cement paste is a complicated electrochemical system with multi-phase transmission, the equivalent circuit model is considered with the additional double layer capacitance effect at the interface among the hydration products in cement materials. It can express the electrochemical station in cement material, as the multi-phase mass transmission in the cement-based material during the hydration procedure.
Authors: Liang Liang Zhang, Ling Mei Wang, Xing Yong Zhao
Abstract: Intelligentialize of distribution networking technology will become an important trend as the development of the electric power industry in future. In order to build the integration platform of intelligent power grid, the SCADA technology of distribution grid, the advancing technical method of condition monitoring are introduced into the distribution grid monitoring system. Meanwhile, the autocorrelation function is introduced into load forecasting and established the power load forecasting model which is examined based on the MATLAB BP neural network tools of load simulation software. Monitoring distribution network structure state and knowing state clearly of forecasting distribution network node load will provide effective information to establish platform of smart grid information integration. Through the simulation examples, proving the effectiveness and practicability of the scheme.
Authors: Wen Tao Fu
Abstract: Research status of state monitoring technology for air compressor and existing problems were analyzed, meanwhile, the necessity of designing a remote monitoring system was discussed in the paper. On the basis of analyzing the air compressor’s working principle, a remote monitoring system for air compressors was constructed by King-view configuration software, according to the technology of Ethernet and computer communication. With this system, real-time remote monitoring of compressors’ state and related operation parameters was realized; in addition, the latent faults of compressors on working could be predicted and warned. And that the efficiency of air compressors is improved, and the accidents of air compressors are avoided efficiently.
Authors: Bao Fu Duan, Cheng Bo Zhai, Xian He Weng
Abstract: During the monitoring and control of continuous girder bridge construction, the traditional method can't effectively predict the trend of stress in the bridge. What′s more, the application is very complex. This paper builds two kinds of grey prediction model based on the stress sequence of control section in the same continuous beam bridge construction, then compares the application of this two models. Information renewal GM ( 1, 1) model and SCGM(1, 1) dynamic model are based on stress test results from control sections in the Nanhe Bridge construction in Jiangsu province for stress prediction. The results showed that the prediction precision and adaptability of both models can achieve the level of engineering construction requires, and the feasibility and adaptability of these two models in stress prediction of the continuous girder bridge construction are validated.

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