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Authors: Qian Li, Li Qun Ma, Zhong Yu Wang, An Bin Sun
Abstract: At present, most coaxial adjustment methods were evolved from traditional dial indicator coaxial adjustment method. The outer of the contour used as a benchmark to measure the axial and radial ruinous in these methods. However, these methods contain cylinder error of the shaft itself. To solve this problem, a method of using the double-layer one-dimensional Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) and laser was proposed. The laser should be fixed to the outside of the irregular rotating device, ensuring the two parts synchronous rotate ; the 6 one-dimensional PSD was divided to high and low 2 layers which were placed in coaxial position with the reference axis. The laser coaxial sweep passing the PSD, when laser coaxial and the irregular device rotate synchronous, the light of spot position on the PSD can determine the irregular rotating workpiece’s axes and the reference axis position relationship, the device can be used to adjust coaxial in this way.
Authors: Lian Zhi Li, M.Y. Tsai
Abstract: In the traceability analysis of complex transmission quality problems, traceability method based on the contrast analysis was proposed, and traceability model about the quality of automotive gearbox assembly constructed based on the contrast analysis. By analyzing on data, it has been shown that this type of analysis had a clear traceability process, able to quickly identify problem stations, and rapid feedback to the assembly site so that making the whole line adjust correspondingly in a timely manner. It showed that: traceability method based on the contrast analysis is feasible and effective and persuasive in the traceability for transmission quality problems.
Authors: Hung Jung Tsai, Hung Cheng Tsai, Pay Yau Huang, Jeng Haur Horng, Shun Jung Chiu
Abstract: The investigation of experiment becomes more important to increase the understanding of polishing performance. In this paper, a high precision polishing process test bench with in-situ measurement technology was applied to investigate the effects of operating parameters on polishing interfacial phenomena during mechanical polishing with IC1000 pad. The shear force and temperature rise were measured for stainless steel during mechanical polishing process. The surface temperature was measured by T-type thermocouples and the shear force was measured by a load transducer. The shear force for various particle size, applied load and rotation speeds during polishing process was demonstrated. Furthermore, the temperature rise under different slurry concentration was investigated. The experimental results contribute to the understanding of polishing mechanism and also provide an index to end-point-detection.
Authors: Ping Huai Mao, Bing Zhai, Li Ding
Abstract: At present, many coal mines in underground coal loading method are: first we will fill with the first tramcar, and then push the tramcar to another one. Finally, the electric locomotive will take all tramcar away. This method has brought many problems: the demand of roadway widened, the transmission efficiency is low, the transmission of high cost, labor intensive. To resolve these problems, we put forward a kind of application in underground coal mine machinery--horizontal extension transfer machine. This article describes the loader part of the structure and working principle. Green design principles, to provide a theoretical basis for the design of similar machinery. There are many advantages of the structure in the machine, such as compact, simple operation, easy maintenance, low costly and environmental.
Authors: Yong Xia Liu, Ru Shu Peng, Qiang Cheng
Abstract: The advantages and current problems for the application of high-speed machining technology in mold manufacturing are discussed. The requirements of mold high-speed machining for tool paths are summarized. Using the software of Cimatron E7.0,the NC program of the outer mold for a car engine’s V8 intake manifold is analyzed and optimized designed. Programming technology and optional of cutters have been introduced in detail. In the high speed milling stages, using the new cutters, the hardened mold can be machined to reach the required size, shape and surface roughness, and the machining time is reduced greatly. The method of making high speed NC template based on the software Cimatron E7.0. is introduced. Using this method, the maching efficiency is improved greatly, and the mold’ s surface quality better.
Authors: Dong Su Zhang, Gan Lin Cheng, Jian Deng
Abstract: High pressure water jet technology is a new technology, its applications are increasingly widespread, by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the existing processing methods and the degree of difficulty that processes the Brazilian disc specimen (Brazilian disc), in order to get high quality of the incision and tiny slit width,it was used in the process of cutting Brazil disc specimens can be better cut quality,we put forward utilizing the pre-mixed abrasive water jet to cut requiring Brazilian disc, cutting test showed that the premixed abrasive water jet cutting machine tools is more easily to meet the test requirements of machine processing test, and obtain the reasonable cutting parameters the entire process is fully automated, by the preparation of CNC program, we can completed Brazil disc of processing at one time,saving a lot of manpower and material resources, so pre-mixed abrasive water jet cutting machine apply to cut Brazil disk has good application prospect.
Authors: Xu Xing Jin
Abstract: Silicon wafer is machined by diamond cutting tools to certain extent, the cutting tool currently used is polycrystalline diamond (PCD). However, as its cutting edges are not leveled to the same height, it will produce different depth of cut and the stress distribution is uneven on wafer surfaces, in the process of wafer thinning, both the workpiece and the cutting tool are probably damaged, this will increase the production cost accordingly. In this paper, a strategy is described to improve the ability of cutting tool for wafer thinning, a cutting tool named Ultimate Diamond Disk (UDD) designed by Taiwan Wheel Company is recommended, which can reduce both the crack of workpiece and the wear speed of cutting tool. Moreover, an experiment on base of different machining parameters including rotation speed of spindle, feed rate and depth of cut was tested and discussed. As a result, the removal mode of workpiece material and the wafer thinning characteristics of UDD are obtained.
Authors: Huan Lin, Dong Qiang Gao, Zhong Yan Li, Jiang Miao Yi
Abstract: First of all, in the cutting parameters optimization, according to the different processing conditions, optimization variables selection is different, including production efficiency the objective function and the constraint conditions of the machine tool. And then using genetic algorithm to build a high-speed processing parameters optimization model. The mathematical model explores the best solution through the software Matlab, and gets the optimal combination between the parameters of each cutting; high speed machining cutting parameters provides the reference for the choice of the user. Through the optimization of the comparison of the before and after that, using genetic algorithm cutting parameters optimization, mach inability got obvious improvement, in order to ensure the quality of processing also achieve the maximization of the production efficiency.
Authors: Yi Gen Zeng, Zhong Liang Wei, Da Hong Liu
Abstract: To the technical difficulties of slow ROP and low drilling efficiency in Silurian formation of Yumen Oilfield. After investigating on the ROP improvement technologies of domestic and abroad similar formation's characteristics, proposing a drilling test program of torsion and percussion in Silurian formation of Well Yashen 1. The test well section is 3753.00~4108.05m, the accumulative footage of TorkBuster is 355.05m, the actually drilling time is 208.35h, the average ROP is 1.70m/h. Compared with the offset well, the average ROP is up to 110%.The test results are shown that: TorkBuster eliminates the "stick-slip" phenomenon effectively when the bit cutting the formation, ensures the PDC bit continue to cut the formation effectively, cuts down the drilling cycle and saves the drilling cost. It provides a new guiding ideology to increase ROP in Cretaceous formation of Yumen Oilfield.
Authors: Xue Liang Pei, Jun Liang Xu, Jie Ran Zhu
Abstract: Combined with present situation of ShengLi oilfield drilling equipments and its matching tools, Drilling Technology Research Institute of ShengLi has carried out research on retrievable casing drilling technology, and made emphasis on the research of the retrievable BHA. Running/Retrieving tool of BHA, Locking device of BHA and Composite bits have been designed and completed. And the laboratory experiments of these key tools have been finished. The field experiments have been finished in He4-GX60 well and Xin110-X16 well. The trial result has proven that the retrievable casing drilling device is simple in structure, the design is rational and it can meet the demand of field application. The construction technique of casing drilling is completely feasible, technical route is right, which satisfied with the field operation requirements

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