Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H. Ku, W. Xiang, N. Pattarachaiyakoop

Abstract: The fracture toughness of SLG filled phenolic composites have been determined by short bar tests. It is expensive to prepare the samples...

Authors: Yu Hua Chen, Yong Wang, Zheng Fang Wang

Abstract: In-service welding is a kind of important method to ensure the integrality of oil gas pipeline and the thermal cycle of which is significant...

Authors: Guang Quan Yue, Bo Ming Zhang, Shan Yi Du, Fu Hong Dai, Cheng Zhang, Xian Zhu Liang, Yong Gui Wang

Abstract: Framed curing mold is subjected to an uneven thermal load, gravity force and the pressures from composite parts and auxiliary tools during...

Authors: Wei Dong Liu, Hua Qu

Abstract: According to the empirical electron theory of solids and molecules, the valence electron structures of GP zone, θ″, θ′ and θ phases in Al-Cu...

Authors: Chao Du, Qing Qing Ni, Toshiaki Natsuki

Abstract: The energy released from damages may give rise to small surface displacements and cause transient elastic waves in materials. Wave...

Authors: Wen Bin Ni, Jian Wei Zhao, Yun Hong Liu, Feng Ying Wang, Xing Yin

Abstract: Advanced fabrication techniques to miniaturize electromechanical systems have brought us into the regime of nanoelectromechanical systems...

Authors: Hong Wei Zhang, Yi Du Zhang, Qiong Wu

Abstract: Shot peening is a complex cold working process used to improve the fatigue life of metallic parts. This investigation is devoted to the...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Zhi Xiong Huang, Yan Qin

Abstract: The reaction of maleic anhydride ring-opening was calculated by Gaussian03. The Density Function Theory (DFT) method were employed to study...

Authors: You Jing, Shi Rong Wang, Xiang Gao Li

Abstract: Residual potential is a very important performance index of organic photoconductor (OPC). At present, research shows that the purity of...

Authors: Hong Bin Su, Ping Yang, Jin Biao Wang, Nan Huang

Abstract: In this paper, both geometrical and electronic properties of rutile TiO2 (110) surfaces have been investigated using First-Principles...


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