Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.Q. Yu, Y.P. Zhang, Q.T. Fu

Abstract: Element boron played an important role on magnetic properties and corrosion resistance of high energy density NdFeB products. The magnets...

Authors: L. Ma, K. Li, Y. Yan, B. Hou

Abstract: The present work was focus on developing low driving voltage sacrificial anode for high strength steels. Taking the zinc and bismuth as main...

Authors: Da Lei Zhang, Yan Li

Abstract: Hydrogen permeation current curve of galvanized steel with hot-dip zinc coating exposed to simulated marine atmosphere was measured using a...

Authors: Sui Lian Luo, Chao Dong Liu, Guo Fei Gong, Hei Ping Lai, Wen Zhong Kong

Abstract: In this work, PDMS modified PU was synthesized using two-stage method to improve water resistance and weather resistance in the waterborne...

Authors: Jiang Ying Li, Bao Juan Xi, Jun Pan, Yi Tai Qian

Abstract: Urchin-like CuO, consisting of closely packed nanorods with a diameter of 10nm, have been successfully synthesized by a poly(ethylene...

Authors: Bin Jiang, Min Du, Jing Zhang, Zhao Dong Sun

Abstract: Dissymmetric bis-quaternary ammonium with imidazoline ring was evaluated for corrosion inhibition efficiency against Q235 steel in...

Authors: Yu Feng Li, Xiao Hui Gao, Hong Lei Zhu, Liu Yang

Abstract: Polystyrene sulfonic acid (PSSA) doped water-dispersible polyaniline (PANI) /montmorillonite (MMT) clay composites were firstly synthesized...

Authors: Shi Hai Cui, Hong Tao Tang, Jian Yu Li, Jian Min Han

Abstract: A dense ceramic coatings with a thickness of 95μm was fabricated on a SiCp/ZL101 aluminum composites by using a plasma electrolytic...

Authors: Nai Ming Lin, Fa Qin Xie, Tao Zhong, Xiang Qing Wu, Wei Tian

Abstract: The rare earth (RE) modified chromizing coating was obtained on P110 oil casing tube steel (P110 steel) substrate by means of pack...

Authors: Ji Yong Zheng, Cun Guo Lin, Lan Lan Di, Dong Xia Duan, Hui Ding, Li Wang, Jin Wei Zhang, Yan Lei Peng, Juan Zhou

Abstract: Marine biofouling on the surface of ship hull causes the hydrodynamic drag, fuel increase, and higher costs. In this case antifouling paint...


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