Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Chao Lu, Yun Chao Li, Shou De Wang, Xiang Yang Guo

Abstract: Styrene-acrylic emulsion was synthesized by pre-emulsification and semi-continuous emulsion polymerization, with styrene and butyl acrylate...

Authors: Shu Xia Ren, Hui Fang Yang, Xiu Shu Tian, Yan Fang Li

Abstract: The composite antibacterial agents were prepared with Medical stone containing Cu2+ and Zn2+ by liquid ion-exchange reaction. The ion...

Authors: Ta Chih Cheng, Kuo Shan Yao, Yung Hsu Hsieh, Ming Yi Chang, Chen Yu Chang, Guan Hao Wang

Abstract: In this study, the V-doped TiO2 was synthesized by sol-gel method and we evaluate the photocatalytic degrading efficiency of V-TiO2...

Authors: Shi Jun Feng, Qiang Wang, Yu Gao, Yan Gen Huang

Abstract: Biofouling on underwater engineered structures, especially on ship hulls, results in increased operational and maintenance costs. The...

Authors: Yan Lei Peng, Cun Guo Lin, Li Wang

Abstract: Biofouling, which is the result of marine organisms settling, attaching, and growing on submerged marine surfaces, is a usually-seeing...

Authors: Bin Wang, Min Du, Jing Zhang

Abstract: Imidazoline derivative inhibitors are successfully used in oil-gas field for CO2 and H2S corrosion. The inhibition performance and...

Authors: Jie Liu, Xiang Bo Li, Jia Wang

Abstract: In natural seawater environment, temperature and chlorine ion are important factors for organic coating degradation. The alternating...

Authors: Bin Zhang, Xiao Ning Tang, Gang Xie, Su Qiong He, Yang Dong

Abstract: In this study, we synthesized a new inorganic antibacterial material, of which Cu2+ was selected to be the antibacterial ion, cerous nitrate...

Authors: Hua Bing Li, Zhou Hua Jiang, Zhen Li, Zu Rui Zhang

Abstract: The effects of pH value and chloride ions concentration of the solution on pitting susceptibility and semiconducting properties of passive...

Authors: Quan Zhou, Wan Chang Sun, Ming Zhu, Ming Feng Tan

Abstract: Ternary Ni-W-P coating was synthesized from a sulfate nickel bath. The planting rate is about 10µm/h, and the bath shows a reasonable...


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