Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Dong Sun, Guang Fen Li, Yu Zhong Zhang, Yu Xiang Li, Hong Li

Abstract: Super-hydrophobic membrane has received extensive attention from basic theories and practical applications. The properties of the...

Authors: Xi Lian Sun, Ai Hua Chen, Hai Zhong Zhang, Hong Tao Cao

Abstract: Mixed molybdenum-tungsten oxides of varying stoichiometry (MoxW1-xO3, 0 < x <1) were prepared by sol-gel deposition from...

Authors: Anca Duta, Alexandru Enesca, Luminita Andronic

Abstract: The structural and surface properties of thin, metal oxides films can be tailored by including various additives in the precursors’ systm....

Authors: Shuai Qin Yu, Yan Hua Fan, Li Hua Dong, Yan Sheng Yin

Abstract: Theoretical study on the geometric structures and magnetic properties of small (FeAl)n (n=1-4) clusters has been carried out at the BPW91...

Authors: S.C. Chen, T.H. Sun, T.Y. Kuo, Po Cheng Kuo

Abstract: Granular (FePt)100-x–(NiO)x nanocomposite thin films with x in the range of 0 – 42 vol.% were fabricated on a natural-oxidized Si(100)...

Authors: S.C. Chen, T.Y. Kuo, Y.C. Lin, Po Cheng Kuo

Abstract: The experimental result shows that the preferred orientations of NiO thin films are closely related to the working pressure of argon. All of...

Authors: Xiang Bo Li

Abstract: In this paper, NiCoCrAlY coating was deposited by cold spraying with helium gas under the temperature of 500°C and pressure of 2.6 MPa. The...

Authors: Fu Liang Shang, Hai Tao Yang, Wei Lin Lin, Ling Gao

Abstract: The WO3 film was prepared by dip coating method with WCl6 as the soure of tungsten and P123 as the structure-directing agent. The...

Authors: Guo Xian Yu, Mo Bin Sun, Xiao Long Zhou, Cheng Lie Li, Li Fang Chen, Jin An Wang

Abstract: Lanthanum (La) nano-films prepared by a self-assembled technique on a silicone-based material surface, was studied by using an all-round...

Authors: Yu Hui Zhang, Quan Ji, Wen Fei Chen

Abstract: Radio frequency (rf) magnetron sputtering of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) using argon as the working gas was used to prepare hydrophobic...


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