Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wu Tang, Xue Song Yin, Long Jiang Deng, Jian Lu

Abstract: Au/NiCr/Ta soft multi-layered metal films were deposited on hard Si-(111) substrate by magnetron sputtering. The crystal orientation,...

Authors: Zhen Rong Zheng, Zhen Ya Gu, Rui Ting Huo, Mian Gui Xie

Abstract: Lotus flower is a symbol of purity in Asian cultures, when growing from muddy waters it stays clean and uncontaminated. The "self-cleaning"...

Authors: Qi Yi Wang, Ping Yang, Ju Huang, Jun Liang, Hong Sun, Nan Huang

Abstract: Low hemocompatibility is a major problem of biomaterials that come in contact with blood. Surface modification has become an important way...

Authors: Kui Ren Liu, Qi Zhu, Jian She Chen, Peng Cheng Ma

Abstract: In this present work, non-equilibrium coatings (like glassy state but not amorphous texture) were prepared by electric arc spraying using...

Authors: He Feng Wang, Lin Hai Tian, Wei Yan Liu, Xiu Yan Li, Bin Tang

Abstract: TiO2 films were fabricated on stainless steel (SS) substrate by plasma surface alloying and thermal oxidation duplex process. Composition...

Authors: Xue Song Yin, Wu Tang, Xiao Long Weng, Long Jiang Deng

Abstract: Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) films on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sandwiching TiO2 buffer layers with different sputtering time have been...

Authors: Gui Mei Shi, Jin Hu Zhang, Shu Lian, Ge Song, Jin Bing Zhang

Abstract: -C-Fe-Si/SiC coated Fe nanocapsules were prepared by arc evaporating the mixture of Fe and SiC powders in He and H2 atmosphere, and their...

Authors: Dong Qing Liu, Wen Wei Zheng, Hai Feng Cheng, Hai Tao Liu

Abstract: Thermochromic vanadium dioxide (VO2) exhibits a semi-conducting to metallic phase transition at about 68°C, involving strong variations in...

Authors: Guo Hong Xing, Zhi Wang, Jian Fei Liu, Guo Pu Shi

Abstract: Ni-MF/Al2O3 composite was fabricated using traditional method. The specimens covered with graphite were sintered at 1400°C, and the...

Authors: Gang Feng Duan, Gao Ling Zhao, Xiao Xuan Lin, Gao Rong Han

Abstract: Titanium nitride coatings were prepared on common glass slides using TiCl4 and NH3 by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition. The...


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