Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Feng, Zheng Tang Liu, Qi Jun Liu, Yang Ping Li

Abstract: The convex surface of the infrared dome is exposed to the harsh environment of the outside world, and therefore requires a coating which not...

Authors: Yu Gao, Shi Jun Feng, Qiang Wang, Yan Gen Huang, Feng Ling Qing

Abstract: The superhydrophobic and highly oleophobic cotton textile was obtained by applying particle -based in situ fabrication procedure with the...

Authors: Qing Liu, Zhen Xing Yao, Xian Peng Zheng, Yan Ming Yang, Qin Wei, Bin Du

Abstract: We obtained the Eu(TTA)3phen•H2O-PVP composite film by rare earth complexes Eu(TTA)3 phen•H2O was doped intentionally in...

Authors: Liu Ying Wang, Gu Liu, Yong Fa Wu, Shao Chun Hua, Jian Xun Yao

Abstract: Ni-Cr coating and Ni-Cr/ZrO2 gradated coating were deposited on C45 carbon steel by high velocity arc spraying and micro-plasma spraying to...

Authors: Xiu Yan Li, Jiao Rong Ye, Bin Tang

Abstract: Titanium alloys are often material of choice for aerospace, chemical and biomedical industries, because of their unusual corrosion...

Authors: Dong Xiang, Long Wei Yin, Ke Gao Liu, Li Qun Jia

Abstract: As the diamond surface has higher interface energy, the adhesion of surface and matrix is bad, and it makes the diamond shatter easily. For...

Authors: Shan Yu Quan, Ming Tian, Lin Mei Yang

Abstract: ZnO thin films have been deposited onto the glass substrates by the sol-gel spin coating method at different chuck rotation rates. The...

Authors: Cheng Chen, Jun Ying Chen, Quan Li Li, Jia Long Chen, Qiu Fen Tu, Song Mei Chen, Shi Hui Liu, Nan Huang

Abstract: The biological modification of biomaterials surface was an important means for surface endothelialization. In this work, an extracellular...

Authors: Lei Zhou, Gui Lin Yin, Yu Dong Wang, Zhen Yu, Dan Nong He

Abstract: WS2/MoS2/C composite lubricating films were prepared in an Ar/C2H2 atmosphere by magnetron reaction-sputtering using a WS2/MoS2 composite...

Authors: Byeong Ho Son, Seung Bok Choi, Quoc Hung Nguyen, Seung Min Hong, Soo Jin Lee, Yong Hun Lee, Min Kyu Choi

Abstract: This paper presents the design of ultrasonic vibrator utilizing a piezoelectric actuator. After describing a geometric configuration of the...


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