Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Zhou, Xin Wang, Gui Jun Jiang, Qiang Liu, Song Tao Gu, Hao Quan Liu

Abstract: CeO2 :Eu3+ powders(6mol%) were successfully prepared via the precursor,which were synthesizedby a hydrothermal method.The precursor was...

Authors: Hui Liu, Li Ang Song, Wei Liu, Ge Su, Li Xin Cao, Chao Xu

Abstract: Cu2O/TNTs(Titanium-based Nanotubes) composites were prepared by a simple “soak-deoxidize” method by using hydrazine hydrate as the reducing...

Authors: Fei Fei Zhang, Shao Hua Zheng, Yan Sheng Yin, Bin Liu

Abstract: Nano-ZrO2 particles were modified by KH-570 (γ-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane). The nano-ZrO2 before and after modified were...

Authors: Guan Hui Gao, Shou Gang Chen, Rui Ting Xue, Yan Sheng Yin

Abstract: The potential applications of carbon nanotubes are reviewed in this paper. With the development of modification and purification of carbon...

Authors: Ya Wen Wang, Shou Gang Chen, Lan Li, Yan Sheng Yin

Abstract: The lithium absorption energies and electronic structures of boron- or silicon-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) were...

Authors: Fen Zhang, Shou Gang Chen, Yan Sheng Yin, Chao Rui Xue, Chan Lin

Abstract: A novel, low-temperature two-step synthesis method for producing BaTiO3 thin films patterned in the form of nanotubes on Ti substrates is...

Authors: Chang Jiang Li, Yan Sheng Yin, Hai Tao Zhu

Abstract: ZnO nanorods, ZnO thick nanosheets and ZnO thin nanosheets can be facilely synthesized at low temperature using Zn(CH3COO)2•2H2O,...

Authors: Hong Jen Lai, An Chun Liu, Yu Li Lin

Abstract: The 16Cr-1C martensitic stainless steel can provide the higher hardness and better wear resistance for 440C steel. The microstructure of DLC...

Authors: Qi Zhou, Chun Lin He, Qing Kui Cai

Abstract: [1] Chen Li, Wang Li-Ping, Zeng Zhi-Xiang, Xu Tao. Surf Coat Technol, 2006,201:599-605. doi:10.1016/j.surfcoat.2005.12.008 [2] Wei X Y,...

Authors: Xin Wang, Hui Jia, Wei Tao Zheng, Wei Xu, Bei Hong Long

Abstract: Fe-Co-N thin films with various Co content were synthesized on Si (111) substrate using facing-target magnetron sputtering by changing...


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