Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Xia Shen, Wen Xue Fang, Jun Shen Zhang, Qing Min Chen

Abstract: Phenolic-latex film is used to coat on fiberglass surface to protect and supply fiberglass an intensive and adhesive coating for reinforcing...

Authors: Ai Ju Li, Xue Ming Wang

Abstract: It focused on how the low carbon steel surface was pretreated by hydrolyzed KH-560 silane solution and the polyethylene (PE) coatings were...

Authors: Ching Hsing Lin, Yu Jie Chang, Mei Yin Hwa, Yung Hsu Hsieh, Shi Hong Yeh, Chen Yu Chang

Abstract: In this study, the Taguchi method was used to optimize the preparation of titanium dioxide thin film reactor through modified chemical vapor...

Authors: Min Jie Zhou, Li Zhong

Abstract: Nano-sized TiO2/V2O5 bilayer coatings were prepared on type304 stainless steel substrate by sol-gel method and were characterized by...

Authors: Jing Lv, Sheng Ni Zhang

Abstract: A series of Ag films with different thicknesses were prepared on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates under identical conditions by...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Liang Min Yu, Chang Cheng Li, Xia Li

Abstract: As concerning the high toxicity of organotin paints, the need to develop new environment-friendly antifouling agents has been highlighted....

Authors: Ming Liang Luo, Qing Zhi Wen, Hong Jian Liu, Jia Lin Liu

Abstract: Sulfonated-polyethersulfone/TiO2 (SPES/TiO2) nanoparticle composites with different TiO2 content were prepared by a sol-gel process. These...

Authors: Su Xia, Zheng Wang, Jing Quan Yang, Li Mei Hao, Jin Hui Wu

Abstract: A novel antibacterial material was prepared by electrospining polyurethane (PU) containing TiO2-Ag nanoparticles in this study. The average...

Authors: B.Y. Ren, Y.H. Gao, S.J. Wang, X.J. Zhang, N.X. Feng

Abstract: Amorphous silica coating was deposited on the surface of Ni by dip-coating processing from commercial silica sol. Isothermal oxidation of...

Authors: Jun Ding, Xia Huang, F.X. Li, K.J. Kang

Abstract: The present paper reports the experimental results for the displacement instabilities occurring near the surface grooves of substrate of...


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