Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Ang Han, Kai Hui Jiang, Jun Wu Tang

Abstract: In this paper, 2.5D SiO2f/SiO2 composites were fabricated via sol-gel process employing 2.5D braided silica fiber fabrics as reinforcements...

Authors: Min Bai, Di Tao Niu, Xiong Wu

Abstract: In recent years, the concrete material subject to chloride corrosion which impacts greatly on the durability of the building project in the...

Authors: Mohammad Badaruddin, Chaur Jeng Wang

Abstract: Low carbon steel was coated by hot-dipping into a molten Al-10%Si bath. The high-temperature oxidation was performed at 700oC for 1 h to 49...

Authors: Zhen Xing Kong, Ji Hui Wang

Abstract: To examine the role of nanoclays in the enhancement of interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) of glass fiber reinforced diallyl phthalate...

Authors: Qiang Xue, Jing Wang, Xia Ting Feng, Xiao Li Liu

Abstract: Pavement straw composite fibers (PSCF), a new material, were independently invented and developed by blending agriculture waste straw and...

Authors: Quan Yao Zhu, Si Ping Hu, Fei Wu, Wen Chen

Abstract: Vanadium oxide/carbon nanotubes (VOx/CNTs) composites were prepared by sol-gel hydrothermal synthesis. The composites were characterized in...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Bin Bin Jia, Jing Bo Yu

Abstract: Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of 7A09 aluminum alloy ribbon prepared by rapid cooling solidification are studied....

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Jian Li Song, Jing Bo Yu

Abstract: Preparation of semi-solid microstructure with less liquid content of 7A09 aluminum alloy industrial extrusion billets is studied in this...

Authors: Xiao Ning Tang, Bin Zhang, Gang Xie, Xue Shan Xia

Abstract: Inorganic antibacterial materials consist of the antibacterial ions, the additives and the carrier. In this study, we synthesized a new...

Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Jing Bo Yu

Abstract: The interface is the area where two type of materials are connected, the strength and property of interface are important for the...


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