Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Huan Sha, Nian Mei Zhang, Xiao Peng Yan, Gui Tong Yang

Abstract: A theoretical study is presented herein on the penetration of the laminated composite aluminum alloy foam target struck normally by...

Authors: Y.P. Qiao, Ren Ke Kang, Zhu Ji Jin, Hang Gao

Abstract: Invar 36 alloy is widely used in the field of precision manufacturing owing to its minimal thermal expansion coefficient. Grinding is very...

Authors: Kun Rong Jia, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: The failure assessment for thick wall CrMoV steel pipes circumferentially welded at 640°C was studied using the Finite Element (FE) method...

Authors: Xian Shun Bi, Feng Yang, Shuang Shuang Ma

Abstract: The moving crack problem in an infinite plate of orthotropic anisotropy functionally graded materials (FGMs) subjected to an anti-plane...

Authors: Lian Qing Ji, Jian Min Shao, Guo Quan Xiang, Li Qian

Abstract: In the present paper, the effects of different die temperatures on microstructures and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy ADC12 at...

Authors: Di Qing Wan, Bo Lin He, Jin Cheng Wang, Gen Cang Yang

Abstract: An investigation on low frequency strain amplitude dependence damping characteristic of as-cast high damping Mg-based alloys continuously...

Authors: N. Ren, D.C. Zhao, Z.J. Ma, G. J. Xiao, S.H. Wu

Abstract: To reduce the internal stress and obtain thicker DLC film, a multilayer structure DLC comprised of Ti-doped nanolayer were deposited on...

Authors: Hong Yi Sun, Wen Qi Ma, Wei Zhang, Chang Shu, De Cai Ma, Yan Xing Yue

Abstract: The paper explores in depth a new annealing technology -electric pulse annealing treatment. To improve the disadvantage of the traditional...

Authors: Xiao Ling Zheng, Mei Rong Zhao, Min You, Zhi Li, Jia Ling Yan

Abstract: The effect of recessing on the stresses distributed along the mid-bondline in both standard single lap joints and co-axial ones were...

Authors: Min Juan Zhou, Shi Jie Duan, Yan Ping Kong, Shu Hong Liu

Abstract: A two-dimensional electro-elastic analysis is performed on a transversely isotropic piezoelectric material with an elliptical hole, which is...


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