Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Xu, Zhi Geng Fan, Shao Rong Yu, Wei Niu

Abstract: Based on the nonlinear finite element analysis method, FEA models which describe the viscoelastic friction contact state of the polyurethane...

Authors: Jian Min He, Jin Huang, Cheng Liu

Abstract: Magnetorheological (MR) fluids are materials that respond to an applied magnetic field with the change of their yield and rheological...

Authors: Fei Ma, Zhi Fa Wang, Jing Long Bu, Rong Lin Wang, Si Si Chen

Abstract: Fused quartz ceramic was prepared in reducing atmosphere at 1300°C, 1400°C and 1500°C for 1h with fused quartz powder as raw materials...

Authors: Hua An Luo, Hua Ming Wang, Jian Ying Zhu, You Peng You

Abstract: Usually model parameters from uniaxial experiments are not suitable for dielectric elastomer under biaxial loading condition. To...

Authors: Hong Wei Yu, Kai Ming Wu

Abstract: The isothermal transformation of pearlite in an Fe-0.27%C-3.15%Mo (weight percent) alloy applying large compressive deformation was...

Authors: Xiao Kui Liu, Chao Yin Nie, Fa Luo, Wan Cheng Zhou, Shuai Fang Li

Abstract: SiC powders doped with aluminum in the method of thermal diffusion were prepared at 1800°C, 1900°C, and 2000°C respectively, and the...

Authors: Yan Dong Liu, Yi Qiao Yang, Hong Yun Bi, Liang Zuo

Abstract: In this paper, the texture and micro-orientation of FSS (Ferritic Stainless Steel) during hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing were...

Authors: Yun Feng Li

Abstract: Early-age deterioration of concrete due to cracking and higher maintenance cost for poor durability cause serious troubles to concrete...

Authors: Chang Hong Liu, Xin Tian Liu, Dong Zhou, Li Hui Zhao, Hu Huang, Fu Zhen Xuan

Abstract: Firstly, according to the theory of dual variable, a procedure of the calculating fracture probability of the pressure vessel is presented....

Authors: Chang Hong Liu, Xin Tian Liu, Ren Liang Wang, Li Hui Zhao, Hu Huang

Abstract: In reliability design and maintenance plan, determining statistical distribution type of interrelated structure is a very important job, and...


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