Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Zhu Zhang, Shui Hui Luo, Chu Shao Xu

Abstract: The present work confirmed and achieved the relevant parameters which belong to the manganese nitriding model via experiments. Based on the...

Authors: K. Yang, A.V. Nagasekhar, C.H. Caceres

Abstract: Cross sectional microhardness maps of cast-to-shape tensile specimens of rectangular and circular cross-sections have been obtained for a...

Authors: Juan Juan Qian, Xiao Yan Wang, Xi Yun He, Ping Sun Qiu, Da Zhi Sun

Abstract: Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 materials doped with boron family Al3+, Ga3+ and In3+ are prepared by a ceramic process. The specimens possess condense...

Authors: Jia Qi Zhang, Yi Long Liang, Song Xiang, Xiao Di Yang, Ming Yang

Abstract: The effect of the heat treatment process parameters on the mechanical properties and microstructure of SWRS82B wire rods were investigated....

Authors: Zuo Tao Zhu, Zhi Tao Mu, Ding Hai Chen, Wei Guo Su

Abstract: The corrosion images of LY12CZ aluminum alloy with different corrosion time were obtained from accelerated corrosion experiment. The...

Authors: Min You, Jia Ling Yan, Xiao Ling Zheng, Ding Feng Zhu, Jing Rong Hu

Abstract: The effect of the adhesive thickness and elastic modulus on the stress distribution in the mid-bondline of the adhesively-bonded steel/steel...

Authors: Jia Ling Yan, Min You, Xiao Ling Zheng, Ding Feng Zhu, Mei Rong Zhao

Abstract: The influence of fillets with different geometry shape on the stress distribution in aluminum alloy weld-bonded single lap joint was...

Authors: Zhong Guo Huang, Hong Lei Dong, Qing Hua Yuan, Shun Yao Jin, Jia Fan, Qun Li

Abstract: To increase comprehensive properties of cylinder steel, high-pressure cylinder steel 30CrMo-M was developed on the basis of steel 30CrMo....

Authors: Yan Bo Deng, Hao Ran Geng, Yu Jie Sun, Xin Ying Teng, Yan Wang

Abstract: In the present work, the resistivity of Ga36.5Sb63.5 alloy during cooling process was studied by the method of DC Four electrodes . The...

Authors: Yong Zhi Zou, Zheng Bin Xu, Jian Min Zeng

Abstract: Microporosity in cast aluminum alloys formed during solidification of castings can be due to the evolution of dissolved hydrogen gas from...


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