Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Hua Chen, Yun Ying Fan, Jin Hu

Abstract: A fluidized beds method used in the industry for deacidification of the fumed silica has several drawbacks. The present work was intended to...

Authors: Nai Fei Ren, Wei Feng Jin

Abstract: Using femtosecond laser pump-probe technique, the transient change in nickel film reflectivity after excitation by femtosecond laser pulse...

Authors: Ying Han, De Ning Zou, Hong Hong Yao, Wei Zhang, Jun Hui Yu

Abstract: Color-optical microscopy, energy spectrum analysis, hardness measuring, tensile and corrosion testing were conducted to investigate...

Authors: Jun Wang, Zhi Ming Hao, Ping An Shi, Shao Rong Yu, Wei Fen Li

Abstract: A three-phase constitutive model for TiNiNb shape memory alloys (SMAs) is proposed based on the fact that TiNiNb SMAs are dynamically...

Authors: Dong Wei Shu, Iram Raza Ahmad

Abstract: The effect of specimen’s mean radius to average wall-thickness ratio rs/t, has been studied using the Split Hopkinson Torsional Bar. The...

Authors: Zhi Gang Hu, Ping Zhu, Jin Meng, Xin Min Lai

Abstract: Advanced high strength steels are increasingly utilized to realize the lightweight of automotive body for economical and ecological...

Authors: An Jing Duan, Zhi Yi Liu, Li Fang Gao

Abstract: Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloy during thermal exposure at elevated temperature were...

Authors: Xue Min Pan, Ning Zhao, Rui Fang Ding, Guang Lin Wei, Lai Wang

Abstract: The liquid structure of two lead-free solder Molten alloys, Sn-0.5Cu and Sn-1.8Cu (wt.%), has been examined using X-ray diffraction method....

Authors: Wei Zhou Zhong, Jing Run Luo, Shun Cheng Song, Xi Cheng Huang

Abstract: Three-point bending specimens of MgAl are loaded by MTS material testing equipment and Hopkinson pressure bar. Strength ratio of MgAl...

Authors: Khalil Farhangdoost, S. Rahnama

Abstract: A comparison between crack growth rate (da/dN) vs. effective stress intensity range factor (ΔKeff) curve behavior and microscopic and...


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