Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Shou Liu, Bing Wang Gou, X.J. Shao, Zhi Feng Jiang, Z.F. Yue

Abstract: In this paper, four axisymmetrical finite element models have been established to study effect of thinckness on residual stress fields of...

Authors: Shi Bo Wang, Zi Feng Ni, Shi Rong Ge

Abstract: The cross-linked UHMWPE mixed with Vitamin E (VE) was prepared by hot press and then irradiated with gamma radial of 100 kGy does. The...

Authors: Ai Lin Ning, Bei Shan Peng, Wen Jie Huang, Zhi Yi Liu

Abstract: The effect of severe plastic deformation method on the dissolution of θ’phase in Al-Cu binary alloy was investigated by employing equal...

Authors: Zhong Xi Yang, Hao Ran Geng, Ning Zhang

Abstract: Rheological behaviors of Sn melt were systematically studied using a comprehensive measurement instrument designed in our lab. Structure of...

Authors: Shun Qing Chen

Abstract: The analysis and the test about the relationship between the wear and the thermoelectric potential of YW1 cemented carbide inserts have been...

Authors: Wen Yan Liang, Zhen Qing Wang, Hong Qing Lv

Abstract: The existence of viscosity effect at the interface of double dissimilar materials has an important impact to the distribution of interface...

Authors: Bo Qin Gu, Zhen Guo Sun, Y.Y. Li, X.L. Huang, Jian Feng Zhou, Chun Lei Shao

Abstract: The time-correlated leakage characteristic of nonmetallic gaskets was analyzed. Considering the effect of the gasket material deterioration...

Authors: Guo Xuan Xiong, Hai Qing Huang, Chuo Yang

Abstract: A ferrocenyl Schiff base monomer was synthesized through the condensation of ferrocenecarboxaldehyde and phenylenediamine under neutral...

Authors: Xin Zhu Zhou, Jian Jun Zheng

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical method that can predict the Young’s modulus of ceramic with reasonable accuracy. By introducing periodic...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Min Fan, Zhi Qiang Du

Abstract: The aluminized layer and the La-aluminized layer on 20 carbons steel were prepared by hot dip aluminizing method, and the microstructure and...


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