Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Liu, Wei Min Mao

Abstract: The semi-solid A356 alloy slurry is prepared by compound process, and the effect of the compound process on morphology and size of primary...

Authors: Jin Gang Qi, Jian Zhong Wang, Zuo Fu Zhao, Li Jia He, Bing Wang

Abstract: The modification of liquid metal by electric pulse (EP) is a novel method for grain refinement. In this study, based on the reported...

Authors: Xiang Jie Wang, Jian Zhong Cui, Qing Feng Zhu, Zhi Hao Zhao

Abstract: Hot tear is one of the main defects during the aluminium casting process, and it usually occurs during solidification. In this work, the...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Jin Guo Li, Tao Jin, Xiao Feng Sun, Zhuang Qi Hu

Abstract: A single crystal Ni-base superalloy was prepared with five withdrawal rates: 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 mm/min. Microstructures including dendrite...

Authors: Xiao Gang Diao, Zhi Liang Ning, Fu Yang Cao, Shan Zhi Ren, Jian Fei Sun

Abstract: Ductile iron, Heavy section, Cooling curve, Microstructure, Cooling rate. Abstract. Two 250×250×250 mm cubic ductile iron castings...

Authors: Jin Hai Liu, Guo Lu Li, Xiao Yan Hao, Xue Bo Zhao, Xing Chuan Xia

Abstract: The influence of sulfur on the microstructure and properties of austenite grey iron with 14-16% Ni was studied. The results showed that the...

Authors: Gui Lin Yu, Nan Li, You Sheng Li, Yi Ning Wang

Abstract: Titanium and its alloys are promising materials in the dental field. However, they react easily with investment materials during casting,...

Authors: Gao Song Wang, Zhi Hao Zhao, Jian Zhong Cui, Shuai Dong

Abstract: Based on the non-uniform distribution of magnetic field within the ingot caused by its interactions during the dual-ingot low-frequency...

Authors: Qing Zhou Sun, Rong Fu Xu, Zhong Kui Zhao, Pu Qing Zhang

Abstract: The green sand containing hot-box resin sand was reclaimed by the process of calcination followed by mechanical reclamation. The reclaimed...

Authors: Yong Zhi Zou, Zheng Bin Xu, Jian Min Zeng

Abstract: Aluminum alloy A357 can be heat treated in order to obtain optimum mechanical properties. Moreover, SDAS (Second dendrite arm spacing) is an...


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