Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhang Chen, Han Bing Ma

Abstract: Bi-Pb-Sn-Cd metal particles were fabricated with dispersant sodium oleate by phase inversion method. The effects of dispersant content,...

Authors: Dong Fang Han, Qun Tang, Qing Meng Zhang, Lei Wang, Ju Du

Abstract: The structure and property of Ce-doped Ba0.2Sr0.8TiO3 (BST) were investigated as a function of Ce content. The density experiment results...

Authors: Zeng Min Shi, Ping Feng, Wen Jun Liu, Yong Zheng, Jian Li

Abstract: Ti(C, N)-based cermet and functionally gradient Ti(C, N)-based cermet were prepared by vacuum sintering and post surface heat-treatment in...

Authors: Jian Bao Hu, Yuan Bing Li, Kai Dao Wu, Fang Liu, Quan Zhu, Ya Wei Li

Abstract: Calcium aluminate and Fe-Si alloys were successfully synthesized by using red mud and aluminate dross as the main raw materials in the...

Authors: Xiao Xi Wang, Ke Min Xue, Ping Li, Zhan Li Wu, Qi Li

Abstract: In this work, a new severe plastic deformation technique for preparing bulk fine-grained materials has been developed to achieve higher...

Authors: Hao He, Yi Min Li, Jian Guang Zhang

Abstract: An experimental study of co-injection molding which involves sequential injection of dissimilar metal feedstocks into a mold has been...

Authors: Wei Hua Cui, Wei Xiang Zhang, Jie Xu

Abstract: In this study, numerical calculations of fatigue-creep interaction behavior for powder metallurgy materials with inclusion was carried out...

Authors: Y.Z. Li, Jun Zhao

Abstract: A model for designing sandwich nanocomposite ceramic tool materials with symmetrical distribution was presented. By adding nano-sized Al2O3...

Authors: Yang Wei Wang, Zhi Jin Zhang, Xiao Dong Yu, Fu Chi Wang, Kai Li, Zhi Qiang Luan

Abstract: Carbon foam with relatively high compressive strength and high porosity was prepared from a mixture of mesophase pitch and Si particles by...

Authors: Jian Hua Du, Jian Guo Han, Jiang Ping Tu, Cheng Fa Xu

Abstract: The Cu-based friction material with Ni coated nanometer SiO2 (Ni/n-SiO2) particles was prepared by the powder metallurgy technology....


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