Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Chuan Qian, Jun Tan, Hong Jun Yang, Zhong Xiang Hu

Abstract: Brush plated of Cu/Ni multilayer coating from a single sulfate electrolyte was prepared. The influence of applied voltage on the composition...

Authors: Zhao Xia Chen, Bo Lin He

Abstract: The surface of U70 rails was treated by ultrasonic peening method. Keeping the electric current 1.5 A, the amplitude 24 µm and the frequency...

Authors: Cheng Luo, Xiang Xiong, Shi Jie Dong

Abstract: Zinc coated steel, spot-welding electrode, titanium carbide, titanium diboride, coating. Abstract: TiC and TiB2/Ni were coated on the...

Authors: Yan Cai, Chun Hu Tao, Feng Lu, Jian Ping Li

Abstract: Gradient Zr/ZrN/Zr layer was deposited as a diffusion barrier between the NiCrAlYSi The overlay coating and Ni-base superalloy DZ125 by arc...

Authors: Xian Feng Xu, Peng Xiao, Jia Sun

Abstract: Carbon fibers had been modified by the method of electroless plating Ni. The surface morphology, ingredient and cross-section images of...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhang, Cheng Luo, Hong Li Zhao, Guang Feng

Abstract: In order to improve corrosion resistance of widely used carbon steels, self-fusion Ni60 alloys coating was prepared by free-spraying and...

Authors: Hao Ju Hu, Jian Yu Zhang, Bin Jun Fei

Abstract: A finite element simulation of a plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating(TBC) system was conducted. Plasma sprayed thermal barrier ceramic...

Authors: Hao Sun, Gang Ling, Hong Wen Li, Yan Bo Su, Shao Ping Xiong, Hai Rong Yao

Abstract: The microstructure and properties of hardened layer of 45 steel disk opener with a variety of parameters of HLD1001.5 solid-state laser were...

Authors: Shi Qiang Qian, Wei Wang

Abstract: Using a combination of high speed jet electrodeposition and plasma transferred arc (PTA) quenching, a nano-TiN/Ni composite coating on 7005...

Authors: Zhi Ming Li, Shi Qiang Qian, Wei Wang, Hong Wei Shen, He Sun Long

Abstract: This paper have studied the high temperature frictional wear properties of Ni-P coatings on 20CrMo steel manufactured by electro-brush...


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