Diffusion in Materials - DIMAT2004

Volumes 237-240

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.237-240

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Authors: P. Krukovsky, K. Tadlya, A. Rybnikov, Vladislav Kolarik, W. Stamm

Abstract: Calculational and experimental approach was developed for life time analysis of MCrAlY coatings for industrial gas turbine blades. This...

Authors: M. Scharnberg, J. Hu, Jörn Kanzow, Klaus Rätzke, R. Adelung, Franz Faupel, J. Pflaum

Abstract: The metallization of organic thin films is a crucial point in the development of organic electronic devices. There is no method established...

Authors: Mudith S.A. Karunaratne, Janet M. Bonar, Jing Zhang, Peter Ashburn, Arthur F.W. Willoughby

Abstract: Boron diffusion in Si and strained SiGe with and without C was studied. Using gassource molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), B containing epitaxial...

Authors: Nicolaas Stolwijk, S. Obeidi
Authors: Junichi Shirakawa, H. Ikuta, Y. Uchimoto, M. Wakihara

Abstract: Lithium diffusion properties of Li1-2yCo1+yVO4 (y = 0, 0.05, 0.1) with inverse spinel structure as cathode materials for a Li-ion battery...

Authors: Dezső L. Beke, Z. Erdélyi, I.A. Szabó, G.A. Langer, G.L. Katona, Csaba Cserháti
Authors: D. Gryaznov, J. Fleig, Joachim Maier

Abstract: Diffusion in nanocrystalline materials is becoming an increasingly important topic. The analysis of diffusion profiles obtained in...

Authors: Nikolai T. Bagraev, A.D. Bouravleuv, W. Gehlhoff, L.E. Klyachkin, A.M. Malyarenko, V.V. Romanov, S.A. Rykov

Abstract: We present ultra-shallow diffusion profiles performed by short-time diffusion of boron from the gas phase using controlled surface...


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