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Authors: Mykola Pasichnyy, Andriy Gusak
Abstract:The initial stages of reactive diffusion have been studied by Monte-Carlo simulations. New MC-scheme describing the competition of two...
Authors: Joanna Dudała, Jolanta Gilewicz-Wolter, Zdzisław Stęgowski
Abstract:The paper presents the application of multitracer method of diffusion measurement in Cr-Mn steels. Two austenitic steels were investigated:...
Authors: O. Hryhoryeva, M. Belous, Sergey I. Sidorenko
Abstract:Phase transformations during the heating of amorphous Fe-Si-B alloys were investigated. The differential thermomagnetic analysis and X-ray...
Authors: I. Iván, I.A. Szabó, S. Kokenyesi
Abstract:Enhanced intermixing, induced by a laser beam, has been recently observed in amorphous Se/As2S3 and similar multilayers. We report a model,...
Authors: G.L. Katona, Z. Erdélyi, Ch. Dietrich, F. Weigl, H.-G. Boyen, B. Koslowski, P. Ziemann, Dezső L. Beke
Authors: D. Kmiec, B. Sepiol, M. Sladecek, G. Vogl, J. Korecki, T. Slezak, R. Rüffer, K. Vanormelingen, A. Vantomme
Abstract:Nuclear resonant scattering (NRS) methods allow to determine diffusion coefficients and jump directions. The capability to measure the...
Authors: M. Sladecek, B. Sepiol, J. Korecki, T. Slezak, D. Kmiec, G. Vogl
Authors: Gabriel A. López, Paweł Zięba, W. Sigle, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Authors: G.V. Lutsenko, Andriy Gusak, K.N. Tu
Abstract:The growth of non-stoichiometric particles of an intermediate ternary phase during the decomposition of a weakly supersaturated solution is...
Authors: Ludwik Błaż, Andrzej Nowotnik, Tadeusz Siwecki
Abstract:The effect of hot deformation process on the structure within the temperature range corresponding to the g→a+P transformation was tested for...
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