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Authors: A.P. Dolgolenko, G.P. Gaidar
Abstract:The dependence of concentration of defects on doping level for average cluster in n-Si was calculated. It was shown that in the framework of...
Authors: Yuriy V. Gudyma, Ivanna V. Kruglenko
Abstract:We present a unified approach to description of all the stages of shaping of a highabsorption state in a resonatorless exciton bistable...
Authors: Daniela Cavalcoli, Anna Cavallini
Abstract:Dislocations and impurities in silicon have been widely investigated since many years, nevertheless many questions on this subject remain...
Authors: S.K. Chaudhuri, P.V. Rajesh, S.S. Ghugre, D. Das
Abstract:Silicon surface barrier (SSB) detectors have been fabricated with oxygen enriched, high-resistivity, detector grade, n-type FZ silicon....
Authors: M.M. De Souza, Jonathan P. Goss
Abstract:A cluster comprising of indium, antimony and a vacancy in silicon is analysed using the planewave pseudopotential technique. This cluster...
Authors: H.H. Radamson, J. Hållstedt
Abstract:In this paper, the following issues: epitaxial growth, boron incorporation and electrical properties of Si1-x-yGexCy layers grown by reduced...
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