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Authors: Masataka Mizuno, Hideki Araki, Yasuharu Shirai, Fumiyasu Oba, Isao Tanaka
Abstract:The formation of Mg vacancy induced by ultra-dilute trivalent impurities in MgO is investigated by a combination of positron lifetime...
Authors: Norifumi Ohba, Eri Oikawa, Takuya Hashimoto
Abstract:In order to evaluate potential of La1-xCaxCrO3-δ as a material for interconnector of solid oxide fuel cells, reduction expansion was measured...
Authors: Yasumasa Tomita, Hideyoshi Matsushita, Yasuhisa Maeda, Kenkichiro Kobayashi, Koji Yamada
Abstract:Li3-2xMxInBr6 (M=Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba) and Li3In1-xMxBr6 was synthesized, and thier substitution effect was investigated by means of 7Li and...
Authors: S.N. Savvin, G.N. Mazo, A.K. Ivanov-Schitz
Abstract:The oxygen mobility in La2-xSrxCuO4-δ (x=0.15; 0.6; 1) was studied by the Molecular Dynamics (MD) technique. The parent layered La2CuO4...
Authors: K. Salama, G. Majkic, U.(Balu) Balachandran
Abstract:In this paper we review a number of studies of stress-induced diffusional matter transport in perovskites, with an emphasis on creep studies...
Authors: J. Molenda, M. Ziemnicki, K. Świerczek, J. Marzec
Abstract:In this paper structural, electrical, electrochemical and thermal (DSC) characterization of series of manganese spinel samples with manganese...
Authors: Vo Van Hoang
Abstract:Static and Dynamic heterogeneities in supercooled SiO2 have been investigated in the models containing 3000 particles obtained by cooling...
Authors: M. El-Hofy
Abstract:Four Zinc Molybdenum ceramic samples (S1-S4), have been prepared according to the chemical formula (1-x) ZnO - x (MoO3), where (x = 0.1, 0.2,...
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