Diffusion in Solids and Liquids IV

Volumes 283-286

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.283-286

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Authors: Anouar Souid, Wassim Kriaa, Hatem Mhiri, Georges Le Palec, Philippe Bournot

Abstract: We intend in this work to model an industrial burner replica of the ceramic tunnel furnace of the Ceramics Modern Society (SOMOCER,...

Authors: Abdurrahman Bahadir, Celaletdin Ergun, Murat Baydogan

Abstract: Not many studies have been found in the literature on the effect of Ag ions on the structure and phase stability of hydroxylapatite which...

Authors: N. Mimouni, Salahs Chikh

Abstract: Numerical predictions are carried out in order to investigate the fractured horizontal well behaviour. A control volume based approach is...

Authors: M.T. del Barrio, Luisen E. Herranz

Abstract: Fission of fissile uranium or plutonium nucleus in nuclear fuel results in fission products. A small fraction of them are volatile and can...

Authors: S. Cihangir, Celaletdin Ergun, Suat Yılmaz, Filiz Çinar Şahin

Abstract: In the present study, a method based on sulfuric acid dehydration of sugar was developed to synthesize a precursor material, which can yield...

Authors: Alexander S. Chaus, Matej Beznák

Abstract: The structure and phase composition of high-speed steels of different grades after casting, annealing, and subsequent final heat treatment...

Authors: Alexander S. Chaus

Abstract: The structure and phase composition of high-speed steels of different grades additionally alloyed with boron after casting, annealing, and...

Authors: Małgorzata Grądzka-Dahlke, J. Waliszewski

Abstract: The present work concerns development of porous materials for medicine applications. The implant alloys should be paramagnetic because of...

Authors: Małgorzata Grądzka-Dahlke

Abstract: The paper concerns the problem of exploitative composite materials with solid lubrication additions. The goal of the present investigation...

Authors: Omar Rahli, K. Bouhadef, Rachid Bennacer, Djamel Eddine Ameziani

Abstract: The contribution of this work is to characterize the travelling wave’s appearance and to generalize the behavior of...


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