Diffusion in Solids and Liquids IV

Volumes 283-286

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.283-286

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Authors: Khaled Habib, A. Al-Arbeed

Abstract: In a recent study conducted by the author, microcrystallites were observed to exist in amorphous, short range ordered, structures of several...

Authors: Rodolfo A. Pérez

Abstract: The diffusion process in hcp Zr with low amounts of Fe being in solution or forming very dilute Zr-Fe alloys is analysed and discussed. The...

Authors: Mourad Keddam, B. Bouarour, R. Kouba, Redoune Chegroune

Abstract: This work deals with a study of the nitriding potential effect on development of the compound layer during the gas nitriding of Armco Fe...

Authors: Devendra Gupta, David S. Lieberman

Abstract: The Au-Cd alloys continue to be important vehicles of research for the shape memory effect involving martensitic transformations and...

Authors: E.A. Pastukhov, N.I. Sidorov, Valery A. Polukhin, V.P. Chentsov

Abstract: Molecular dynamics simulation was used for investigating hydrogen migration in Pd-Si alloy at a temperature Т = 300 K. The strong affect of...

Authors: Ivo Stloukal, Jiří Čermák

Abstract: Self-diffusion of 110mAg has been investigated in fiber reinforced QE22 magnesium alloy matrix composite. Short Saffil fibers (97% -Al2O3 +...

Authors: Viera Trnovcová, Marian Palcut, Ivan Furár, Dietrich Schultze

Abstract: The anisotropy of self-diffusion of K+ ions, ionic conductivity, and static permittivity in stoichiometric disordered K5Bi1-xRx(MoO4)4 (R =...

Authors: E. Bouarroudj, Wahiba Bouzidi, O. Menchi, S. Abdi

Abstract: The present investigation attempts to understand the friction welding characteristics of Aluminum alloy AlCu and steel AISI 4140. In spite,...

Authors: Mehrdad Vahdati, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: Air spindles in ultra precision machines produce rotational movements for the cutting tool or work piece. The common combination of a simple...

Authors: Mehrdad Vahdati, Ali Shokuhfar, Meysam Bagheri

Abstract: Ultra precision machine tools are used in nano machining technology. Two main assemblies creating rotational and linear motion, called air...


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