Diffusion in Solids and Liquids IV

Volumes 283-286

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.283-286

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Authors: Laura M. Fernandez Diaz, Jing Zhu, Gordon R. Holcomb, Paul D. Jablonski, David E. Alman, S. Sridhar

Abstract: It is known that additions of reactive elements such as Ce, La or Y improve the properties of protective oxide-scales on Ni and Fe based...

Authors: Zuo Tai Zhang, S. Balaji, Ii Ryoung Sohn, B.E. Ydstie, S. Sridhar

Abstract: During the in-line coating process of Mn-strengthened-Interstitial-Free-steels, selective oxidation under low dew-point atmospheres may...

Authors: Hui Yu, Kee Sam Shin, Ji Ling Dong, Dae Hwang Yoo, Woong Lee, Hee Dae Im, Woong Kil, Won Jung Jung

Abstract: The objective of this study is to determine the mechanism of the dramatic increase of impact toughness at low temperatures after post-weld...

Authors: Ji Ling Dong, Quoc Bao Huynh, Dae Hwang Yoo, Hui Yu, Min Soo Kim, Sung Tae Kang, Kee Sam Shin

Abstract: In this study, the microstructural behavior of two kinds of 9-12% Cr steels (specimen A and B) used for power plants with and without W, Co,...

Authors: Jung Hoon Yoo, Dae Hwang Yoo, Jung Hwa Seo, Ji Ling Dong, Young Sang Na, Kyung Shik Cho, Jong Hoon Lee, Ulugbek Shaislamov, Jun Mo Yang, Chan Gyu Lee, Kee Sam Shin

Abstract: In Zr-Cu-Ni-Al bulk metallic glasses where there are no dislocations, localized plastic deformation in shear bands occurs largely by the...

Authors: N.H. Abd Aziz, Iswadi Jauhari, H.A. Mohd Yusof, Nor Wahida Ahamad

Abstract: It was reported that superplastic boronizing process (SPB) provides a much faster boronizing rate than the conventional boronizing process...

Authors: Marie Laurence Giorgi, Amelie Ollivier, Jean Bernard Guillot, F. Goodwin

Abstract: Before hot-dip galvanizing, the steel sheets are annealed in an atmosphere of N2 and H2, containing only traces of water (about -30°C dew...

Authors: B.A. Webler, S. Sridhar

Abstract: The residual element copper in recycled steels embrittles grain boundaries, causing a surface cracking phenomenon known as hot shortness. ...

Authors: S. Addakiri, E. Semma, Mohammed El Ganaoui, Bernard Pateyron

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a hybrid method coupling a Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) and a Finite Volume Method (FVM), to study melting and...

Authors: D. Sakellari, V. Tsakaloudi, V.T. Zaspalis, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis

Abstract: The present work investigates the influence of the synthesis conditions of specific ferrites (Ni0,30Cu0.07Zn0,63)Fe2O4, prepared with the...


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