Diffusion in Solids and Liquids IV

Volumes 283-286

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.283-286

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Authors: G. Clemente, N. Sanjuán, J. Bon, R. Peña, J.V. García-Pérez

Abstract: Grape pomace is the main by-product from the wine industry. It is principally made up of grape skin and seeds. Drying this by-product is the...

Authors: Thamy C. Hayashi, Isabel Malico, J.F.C. Pereira

Abstract: The influence of inserting ceramic foam in a pipe with a 1:4 sudden expansion was numerical investigated. The foam, with a thickness to...

Authors: Diogo M.F. Santos, Yun Chen, César A.C. Sequeira

Abstract: Anodic polarisation curves of Mm(Ni3.6Co0.7Mn0.4Al0.3)x (Mm = mischmetal, 0.85  x  1.15) electrodes were measured under the conditions of...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov, Ruslan Valiev, E.N. Popova, A.V. Sergeev, A.V. Stolbovsky, V.U. Kazihanov

Abstract: Submicrocrystalline structure of W obtained by severe plastic deformation (SPD) by high pressure torsion (5 revolutions of anvils at 4000C)...

Authors: Jiri Cermak, Lubomir Kral

Abstract: Mg-Ni alloys are perspective hydrogen-storage materials. In the present work, kinetics of hydrogen desorption was studied in Mg2NiH4 hydride...

Authors: E.N. Popova, Vladimir V. Popov, E.P. Romanov, S.V. Sudareva, E.A. Dergunova, A.E. Vorobyova, A.K. Shikov, S.M. Balaev

Abstract: Multifilamentary bronze-processed Nb3Sn-based composites have been studied by the methods of TEM and SEM. Ti as a doping element required...

Authors: S. Bruijn, R.W.E. van de Kruijs, A.E. Yakshin, F. Bijkerk

Abstract: Thermally induced diffusion through the Si-on-Mo interface of multilayers with either amorphous or polycrystalline Mo layers has been...

Authors: Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher, Ryota Gemma, Astrid Pundt, Reiner Kirchheim

Abstract: Titanium films were prepared on sapphire substrates in an UHV chamber, by means of ion beam sputter deposition under Ar-atmosphere at the...

Authors: C. Corvalán Moya, Manuel J. Iribarren, Nicolás Di Lalla, Fanny Dyment

Abstract: 51Cr and 60Co diffusion along grain boundary (GB) in polycrystalline Zr and -Zr-20%Nb were measured by means of the radiotracer technique...

Authors: Ivan Campos-Silva, N. López-Perrusquia, M. Ortíz-Domínguez, U. Figueroa-López, E. Hernández-Sánchez

Abstract: This study evaluates the fracture toughness of Fe2B boride layers formed by the paste boriding thermochemical process on an AISI 1018 steel...


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