Diffusion in Solids and Liquids V

Volumes 297-301

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.297-301

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Authors: D. Khatamian

Abstract: Transport of hydrogen through oxide layers formed on zirconium alloys has been the focus of studies associated with hydrogen ingress into...

Authors: Marcin Golabczak, Andrzej Konstantynowicz

Abstract: Widely used in mechanics is the method of surface parameters investigation by indentation of some kind of penetrator into test surfaces and...

Authors: Rita Aguilar Osorio, Keith Cliffe

Abstract: For this research it was considered that the heat exchanger was affected by leakage in the head across the partition plate and the wall...

Authors: Y.L. Hsu, C.H. Lee, S.M. Chiu, Y.C. Sung, K.Y. Yang, C.W. Chu

Abstract: The side effect of electrosurgery includes tissue charring, smoke generation and the adhesion of tissue to electrodes. These effects prolong...

Authors: A.A. Naddaf, H.J. Bart, I. Tsibranska

Abstract: A two-dimensional diffusion mathematical model with moving boundary conditions was developed to evaluate the diffusion kinetics of bovine...

Authors: Jaime Ambrus, C.R. Maliska, F.S.V. Hurtado, A.F.C. da Silva

Abstract: This paper addresses the key issue of calculating fluxes at the control-volume interfaces when finite-volumes are employed for the solution...

Authors: J.C. Min, M. Su

Abstract: A mathematical model was developed to describe the coupled heat and mass transfers in membrane processes. Equations for the heat and mass...

Authors: T. Hu, J.C. Min, Y.Z. Song

Abstract: A method that combines the experimental measurements and numerical simulations to determine the moisture diffusivity in a membrane has been...

Authors: Adam Barcz

Abstract: Oxygen out-diffusion from CZ-Si or in-diffusion into FZ Si was studied with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. For anneals up to 1200oC , the...

Authors: Ian Pong, Christian Scheuerlein, Carmine Senatore, Ludovic Thilly, Marco Di Michiel, Alexandre Gerardin, Simon C. Hopkins, Luc-Rene Oberli, Guillaume Geandier, Bartek A. Glowacki, Luca Bottura

Abstract: In order to investigate the high temperature exposure effect on Nb Ti/Cu superconducting strands, as might be encountered in joining by...


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