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Authors: Helmut Mehrer
Authors: Dezső L. Beke, Z. Erdélyi, B. Parditka
Abstract:General description of the interplay between the Kirkendall shift (as a special way of relaxation) and diffusion induced driving forces in...
Authors: A.I. Epishin, I.L. Svetlov, N.V. Petrushin, Yu.V. Loshchinin, T. Link
Abstract:The effect and the ways of removal of the segregation of alloying elements within the dendrite cell in single-crystal nickel-base superalloys...
Authors: Jaromír Drápala, Pavel Jopek, Daniel Petlák, Petr Harcuba, Petr Kubíček
Abstract:Problems of reactive diffusion at a solid phase - melt contact were studied theoretically. The main intention was to calculate the time...
Authors: Andriy Gusak, Nadiya Storozhuk, King Ning Tu
Abstract:In order to study evolution of the concentration profiles and markers velocities in various time and space scales quasi-one-dimensional model...
Authors: Andriy Gusak, A.O. Kovalchuk, King Ning Tu
Abstract:Recently) the point contact reactions between silicon nanowires (covered by natural oxide) and nanowires or nanodots of metals (nickel,...
Authors: Laura Raceanu, Virgil Optasanu, Tony Montesin, Nicolas Creton
Abstract:Our recent modelling works and corresponding numerical simulations realized to describe the UO2 oxidation processes confirm the...
Authors: Lesya Demchenko, Sergey I. Sidorenko
Abstract:The surface diffusion layers formed in preliminary deformed (350 %) -Fe after nitriding at 853 K in ammonia medium were studied by means of...
Authors: C. Perrin, K. Hoummada, I. Blum, A. Portavoce, M. Descoins, D. Mangelinck
Abstract:The unique capabilities of atom probe tomography (APT) to characterize internal interfaces and layer chemistry with sub-nanometer scale...
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