Grain Boundary Diffusion, Stresses and Segregation

Volumes 309-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Adrian R. Rennie, Sergey I. Sidorenko, I.E. Kotenko, S.M. Voloshko, Anna I. Oleshkevych

Abstract: Processes involved in the structure and phase formation in the thin film systems Sn(4 nm)/Cu(14 nm) and Сu(14 nm)/Sn(8 nm) in the...

Authors: Christian Chmelik, Jörg Kärger

Abstract: The application of interference microscopy (IFM) and infrared microscopy (IRM) to monitor the evolution of the concentration of guest...

Authors: Guido Schmitz, M. Kasprzak, D. Baither

Abstract: Diffusion-Induced Recrystallization (DIR) is investigated in size mismatched thin film interdiffusion couples. New grains formed in the...

Authors: Srinivasan Swaminathan, Michael Rohwerder

Abstract: High strength steels for automotive industry undergo recrystallization annealing in N2-H2 gas atmosphere prior to hot dip galvanizing....

Authors: Igor S. Golovin, Vladislav Yu. Zadorozhnyy

Abstract: Temperature and amplitude dependent internal friction (TDIF and ADIF) in ultrafine-grained copper (99.95% Cu) specimens processed by equal...

Authors: T.V. Zaporozhets, Andriy Gusak

Abstract: Rate of SHS (self-propagating high-tеmperature synthesis) reactions in solid nano-sized multilayers is controlled by the time and...

Authors: Mikhail I. Mendelev, A.O. Rodin, Boris S. Bokstein

Abstract: We performed molecular dynamics simulation of diffusion along symmetric <100> 5 and <111> 7 and one non-symmetric <100> 5 tilt grain...

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, S.A. Gulevsky, A.L. Petelin, A.O. Rodin

Abstract: The interaction between liquid and solid metals where the liquid-solid interface contains three grain boundary lines which meet in triple...

Authors: K.V. Vishnyakova, A.L. Petelin, Yu.S. Yusphin

Abstract: The main parameter which shows the space distribution of the emitted gas components is the rate of concentration decrease by the increase of...

Authors: A.A. Petelina, V.A. Youkhanov, A.D. Shur

Abstract: During the exploitation of the atomic power stations the tubing metal is exposed to the influence of temperatures in the range of 290-320С....


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