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  | Authors: Matthew O. Zacate, Herbert Jaeger
Abstract:This paper provides an introduction to perturbed angular correlation (PAC) spectroscopy in the context of its application in the study of...
Authors: Artur Wilson Carbonari, José Mestnik-Filho, Rajendra Narain Saxena
Abstract:Perturbed gamma-gamma angular correlation (PAC) spectroscopy is a precise and highly efficient tool to follow the temperature dependence of...
  | Authors: Alberto F. Pasquevich, Mario Rentería
Abstract:In this chapter Perturbed Angular Correlation (PAC) experiments on binary oxides are described. These experiments provide local-scale...
Authors: Michael Uhrmacher
Abstract:The PAC-technique always claims to test the micro-surrounding of the probe atoms. Typically, the samples are macroscopic and more or less...
  | Authors: T. Butz, S.B. Ryu, S. Jankuhn, S.K. Das, S. Ghoshal
Abstract:TiO2 nanoparticles (anatase) with diameters between 2 and 4 nm were synthesized by controlled hydrolysis of a solution of...
Authors: Megan Lockwood Harberts, Benjamin Norman, Randal Newhouse, Gary S. Collins
Abstract:Measurements were made of jump frequencies of 111In/Cd tracer atoms on the Sn-sublattice in rare-earth tri-stannides having the...
  | Authors: P. Keßler, K. Lorenz, R. Vianden
Abstract:Wide band gap semiconductors, mainly GaN, have experienced much attention due to their application in photonic devices and high-power or...
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