Advances in Fracture and Failure Prevention

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D.A. Liu, Li Yun Li, Q.F. Yuan, D.X. Cheng

Abstract: A virtual crack vector model is proposed in this paper to simulate the branched crack propagation and simplify its calculation of energy...

Authors: Jin Xi Liu, Ai Ping Liu, Z.Q. Jiang, Ai Kah Soh

Abstract: A screw dislocation interacting with a semi-infinite interfacial crack in two dissimilar piezoelectric layers is studied. The complex...

Authors: Han Ki Yoon, D.H. Kim, Yi Hyun Park, Yu Sik Kong, Akira Kohyama

Abstract: Reduced activation ferritic (JLF-1) steel is one of the leading candidates for blanket/first-wall structures in D-T fusion reactors. In...

Authors: Fang Juan Qi, Li Xing Huo, You Feng Zhang, Hong Yang Jing

Abstract: Butt-fusion welding is the main technology to join high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pipes, which are widely used in transport the...

Authors: Jae Sil Park, Chang Sung Seok

Abstract: In order to perform elastic-plastic fracture mechanical analyses, fracture resistance curves for concerned materials are required. A...

Authors: M.S. Han, S. Kim, Kyung Chun Ham, J.I. Song

Abstract: Partial penetration welding joint defines the groove welds that applies the one side welding which does not use steel backing and both side...

Authors: Guang Zhang, Jing Xi Chen, Bin Hu

Abstract: The brittle-ductile character is one of the important mechanical indexes of rocks and also one of the important affecting factors of...

Authors: A. Mirzaee-Sisan, Saeid Hadidi-Moud, Christopher E. Truman, David John Smith

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an experimental and numerical study carried out to investigate the effect of warm pre-stressing on...

Authors: Majid R. Ayatollahi, David John Smith, M.J. Pavier

Abstract: Research studies for mode I cracks have shown that fracture toughness or the critical value of J for fracture initiation, Jcrit...

Authors: Mamtimin Gheni, Subhi Anarbek, Masanori Kikuchi

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